The user kneads chakra in their body and turns it into fire, which they then expel from their mouth; the more chakra they use, the more flames that are produced. Sometimes the flames lack a distinct shape, being only a stream, but more often than not they take the form of a giant orb that maintains its shape until hitting a target. Upon impact, the fireball is powerful enough to crater the ground and vaporise the surroundings.[1] Against living targets, the fireball can cause extensive burns.

The Great Fireball Technique was created by the Uchiha clan, and over time became one of their signature abilities.[2] The Uchiha in fact used the Great Fireball Technique as a coming of age rite, with members not being considered true adults until they learned to perform it.[3] In keeping with this, the manga has only ever shown Uchiha using this technique; the anime at times depicts non-Uchiha performing it.


  • The characters for "Fireball (火球) also mean "bolide", "comet", and "shooting star".
  • Several different hand seals have been given for this technique during the course of the series:
    • Rin no Sho lists the hand seals as Horse and Tiger.[1]
    • Hyō no Sho lists the hand seal as just Tiger.[4]
    • In Naruto: Shippūden episode 4, Kakashi uses an unknown amount of hand seals in quick succession, using many more than the usual six.
    • In Naruto: Shippūden episode 15, Itachi uses Boar, Horse, and Tiger.

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