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* {{Drilldown|List of Fire Release techniques|Jutsu|q=Jutsu type=Fire Release}}
* {{Drilldown|List of Fire Release techniques|Jutsu|q=Jutsu type=Fire Release}}
[[Category:Chakra Natures]]
[[Category:Chakra Natures]]

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The Fire Release (火遁, Katon, English TV: Fire Style) are offensive type techniques that allow the user to to manipulate their fire chakra-nature to create fire by super heating their chakra and releasing it from their mouths. Fire Ninjutsu is common among Konohagakure ninja, with the Uchiha Clan being particularly proficient with its use. Fire Release ninjutsu is commonly affiliated with the Tiger hand seal.

A Fire Ninjutsu is strong against a Wind Ninjutsu; because wind-natured chakra will naturally feed into a Fire Release Ninjutsu, wind and fire ninjutsu can be used in a synchronized collaberation jutsu to create a jutsu stronger than the two individual jutsu. Fire jutsu will naturally be overcome by a Water Ninjutsu, though a sufficiently powerful fire-based attack can still overpower a water jutsu, causing it to evaporate.

As demonstrated by the fight between Hiruzen Sarutobi and Orochimaru in the Invasion of Konoha arc, Fire Release also has a good affinity with Earth Release and so can be used together in a collaberation jutsu. When used together, the Fire ninjutsu (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Missile) needs to be implemented with the right timing in order to be combined with the Earth ninjutsu (Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet), the Fire chakra being provided with more combustive physical force by the accelerant from the Earth ninjutsu.

Furthermore, in the case of Elementally-recomposed Nature Transformations, rarely found outside of a kekkei genkai, Fire-natured chakra can be blended with Earth-natured chakra; the fire chakra superheats the molecular structure of the earth (that the earth chakra provides and controls) and induces it to melt into molten liquid rock, creating Lava Release Ninjutsu.

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