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初代星影 Shodai Hoshikage
Anime Naruto Episode #179
Appears in Anime
Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Status Deceased
Ninja Rank

He was the First Hoshikage (初代星影, Shodai Hoshikage, literally meaning: First or Founding Star Shadow), and founder of Hoshigakure.


About two hundred years before the start of the series, he discovered a "fallen star" (a meteor) with mystical powers, he founded a village in the Land of Bears, in hopes to make well-renowned shinobi and gain the title of a great hidden village. He didn't know of the side effects of the star training, and people started to die from overpowering chakra that imploded in their bodies.


The First wore the traditional attire of the Hoshikage that consisted of the customary hat and haori along with a purple, full-length kimono that was tied using a white sash. Though his face was initially unseen, the First seemed to be a middle-aged man and also had a grey moustache.


Due to his high rank, the First Hoshikage was presumably a very powerful shinobi. He discovered the usage of the star that Hoshigakure became famous for, and was possibly aware of the benefits of using its chakra. However, he did not know about its side effects, which could mean that he didn't have enough time to realise the danger of using the star's chakra.