Orochimaru gathers "wicked" chakra to his five fingertips, which he forcefully applies over another seal. When this Five Elements Seal, being of an odd number, is applied over the Four Symbols Seal, being of an even number, the Four Symbols Seal is disrupted because of the odd—even imbalance. In Naruto Uzumaki's case, he loses access to the chakra of the Nine-Tails - which the Four Symbols Seal keeps stored in his body - and furthermore makes it difficult for him to use his own.[1] When the Five Elements Seal is initially applied, Naruto is rendered unconscious.[2] When Jiraiya is later removing the Five Elements Seal from Naruto, he is able to correctly guess that Orochimaru applied it in the first place, describing its use as "coarse".[3]


  • The "Five Elements" referred to in the name of this technique are the Chinese Five Elements, the Five Movements (五行, Japanese: Gogyō, Chinese: Wǔxíng):
  1. Metal (, Chinese: jīn)
  2. Wood (, Chinese:)
  3. Water (, Chinese: shuǐ)
  4. Fire (, Chinese: huǒ)
  5. Earth (, Chinese:)


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