This technique removes seals that are of similar power to itself. The user gathers chakra to their fingertips and hits the fingers against the seal that is to be removed, causing it to unravel and disappear. If the seal was applied to a person, the thrust of the hand that accompanies this technique will likely be painful. When Jiraiya uses this technique to remove a Five Elements Seal, it appears to be quite easy for him. In truth, this is a very advanced technique that even jōnin would find difficult to perform.[1]

In the anime, Kazuma uses the Five Elements Unseal on Sora, thus increasing his access to the Nine-Tails' chakra sealed in his body.[2] In another episode, Orochimaru uses the Five Elements Unseal to break the Iron Armour Seal.[3]


  • In the anime, Orochimaru stated that only his fellow Sannin and Hiruzen Sarutobi could perform this technique.[4]
  • When Jiraiya performs this technique, the "Five Elements" referred to in the name are the Chinese Five Elements, the Five Movements (五行, Japanese: Gogyō, Chinese: Wǔxíng):
  1. Metal (, Chinese: jīn)
  2. Wood (, Chinese:)
  3. Water (, Chinese: shuǐ)
  4. Fire (, Chinese: huǒ)
  5. Earth (, Chinese:)
  • When Kazuma performs this technique on Sora, the five elements are shown as the five chakra elements used in most other techniques, the Five Greats (五大, Godai):
  1. Earth (, tsuchi)
  2. Water (, mizu)
  3. Fire (, hi)
  4. Wind (, kaze)
  5. Lightning (, kaminari)


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