"Flowers" (, Hana) is chapter 28 of the Boruto manga.


Kawaki finds it strange that Naruto can be leisurely walking around. They run into Sarada in a taiyaki shop, and Sarada recognises Kawaki. Naruto orders a taiyaki for himself, and confuses Kawaki when telling him to pick a flavour for his, because he has no concept of snacks. Sarada recommends a safer option, but Kawaki picks another, annoying her. Kawaki is impressed with snack food. Sarada asks for a bite of his chocolate taiyaki, having never tried that flavour, and Kawaki curses at her. A running child bumps into Kawaki, who transforms his arm to attack the child, but is stopped by Naruto, who censors him. Kawaki tells the child he has to be on guard because there are dangerous things in the world. Sarada makes sure the child is fine and apologises. Sarada and Kawaki argue over his outburst. Naruto criticises Kawaki's lack of sociability. Naruto points he'll have trouble getting Boruto to cooperate with him if he keeps that attitude. The three arrive at Yamanaka Flowers. Ino greets Naruto and Sarada, and recognises Kawaki from earlier talks with Naruto. Naruto discreetly informs her the enemy will come for him, and asks for continued support from the Sensing Division. Naruto explains they're there for a flower vase, and tells Kawaki to pick one, explaining he has to do it because he broke the flower vase. He picks one randomly, and is criticised by Sarada, and Naruto defuses the argument before it can escalate. Naruto tells him to be sincere in his picking. He picks the same vase, pointing out the design and that it'll fit Naruto's house. Ino offers to add some flowers, but the sight of the stems triggers Kawaki, reminding him of the lab tubes and Jigen, causing him to drop the vase. Kawaki's Kāma begins to activate, but Naruto hugs him, telling him he's safe. Kawaki calms down, and they leave the shop. Sarada splits from them, telling Kawaki that since her goal is to become Hokage like Naruto, he can also count on her. Naruto and Kawaki return, Naruto telling Boruto they went to buy a new flower vase. Boruto recognises Kawaki's sincerity, but hands a tube of glue to repair the broken vase instead. Just outside the main gate, Koji Kashin explains to Delta that the Yamanaka clan has historically headed a division that senses the chakra of those entering and leaving the village, who are still active, and work by sensing if the chakra is registered in Konoha or not. Delta takes it they'll have trouble infiltrating, but Koji enters the village without setting anything off. He tells her to stay put while he retrieves Kawaki.

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