Minato throws several Flying Thunder God kunai at his opponent, teleports to one of them, and kicks the opponent, sending them flying back. While they are still in the air, he creates a shadow clone which teleports repeatedly to the Flying Thunder God kunai around the opponent, constantly slashing them. Minato then goes into Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, charging a Rasengan. The shadow clone catches the opponent and teleports them directly in front of Minato, who lands his Rasengan, sending the opponent a long way before the Rasengan expands.

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飛雷神・時空疾風閃光連の段・零式 +
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飛雷神・時空疾風閃光連の段・零式 +  and Hiraishin: Jikū Shippū Senkō Ren no Dan: Zero Shiki +
Hiraishin: Jikū Shippū Senkō Ren no Dan: Zero Shiki +