This is the article on the bukijutsu technique used by Tobirama Senju. For the ninjutsu from which it is derived, head to Flying Thunder God Technique. For other uses, see Hiraishin.

A technique combining the use of a bladed weapon and space–time ninjutsu. The user teleports to a marked target, with weapon in hand, to instantaneously deliver a swift, devastating slash to his opponent. Because of the speed of the technique's execution, not even an individual wielding the Sharingan — a dōjutsu capable of predicting movement — has enough reaction time to defend themselves against this technique.

In the anime, Tobirama used a marked kunai hidden with other thrown kunai, allowing him to attack a target that dodged his projectile attack.


  • Despite using Space–Time Ninjutsu and weapons, the databook classifies this technique as taijutsu.


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