A kinjutsu developed by Orochimaru during the Second Shinobi World War. It combines the two powers of seal and confusion into one technique, giving them the names "Gedō Seal: Seal" (外道ノ印・封, Gedō no In: Fū, Literally meaning: Outer Path Seal: Seal, English Games "Gedō Mark: Seal") and "Gedō Seal: Confusion" (外道ノ印・乱, Gedō no In: Ran, Literally meaning: Outer Path Seal: Confusion, English Games "Gedō Mark: Confusion") when using them separately.


Both techniques possess insidious effects on the target. The Gedō Seal: Seal is a juinjutsu that can seal a target's abilities, including the kekkei genkai, causing pain to the target, even when not using their ability. The Gedō Seal: Confusion causes blinding pain in the victim's head, which turns their body into a tool of the technique's caster. When used to fight another, they will feel no pain the victim's opponent has given them, and won't listen to what anyone says. This part of the technique can be cured without the use of a release command, if they defeat their inner self that is in their head. Hiruzen Sarutobi was troubled by the cruel effects of the Outer Path Seal, so he created a cure called the Gedō Seal: Release (外道ノ印・解, Gedō no In: Kai, Literally meaning: Outer Path Seal: Release) which can heal the effects of this technique from the target. Hiruzen Sarutobi then hid the scrolls containing the Outer Path Seal under the Memorial Stone, which he said is to be protected by heroes.

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