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Make the javascript system global?

The poll was created at 14:48 on March 21, 2007, and so far 76 people voted.

I was doing a little work building a new addition for some user .js for people to use. But since it's one with a little wiki involvement I was wondering if you guys wanted me to make it a global thing instead of something just for random users to drop into their user .js.

If you want to try it out go to your monobook.js on the Animepedia and add this code to it (You'll half to refresh, reload, clear your cache or whatever you need to do.):

document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="'
             + ''
             + '&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript&dontcountme=s"></script>');

The basic system is one which adds a extra box above the search box in the sidebar. This box modifies the search box to whatever you pick. There's still the normal Search listed there. But there are a number of other options to.

  • Article: This works a little like a creationbox. You can type in an article name and then hit view to go to that page, or you can hit edit to go strait to the editpage for that article.
  • Editcount: Plain and simply this is like going to Special:Editcount just enter a username in the box and hit go, you'll then be sent to the editcount for the person.
  • Prefixindex: This works just like Special:Prefixindex. The nice thing about it is you can use the dropdown box to select a namespace such as the main namespace and then hitting submit gives you a list of all the articles in that namespace.
  • Listusers: Listusers works just like going to Special:Listusers. You can just submit for a list of all users (A new feature is also in place so that now only active users are listed there.) You can enter in a username to get information on a user such as what status tags such as Jonin they may have. Or you can use the dropdown box to find a list of all the Jonin(sysop), Kage(bureaucrat), or Tokubetsu Jonin(rollback) there are on the wiki.
  • Contribs: Simply enter a username here and you will be sent to the contribs page of a user. Works similar to Editcount.

~Dantman(talk) Mar 21, 2007 @ 14:47 (UTC)

I've already made it global now as a demonstration. If you guys like it we'll keep it. If not it can be moved back to useronly. ~Dantman(talk) current discussion Mar 23, 2007 @ 04:22 (UTC)
Sounds like fun... But how do we get to there. By the way...I looked under Specail:Listusers We only have 20 registered users and most of them aren't daily editors.... Is that the word?LoneWolf 5 23:49, 23 March 2007 (UTC)LoneWolf 5
You used to half to use Special:Activeusers to find out who actually edited hee. But yes Special:Listusers has been upgraded to show only people who've edited. Don't think of that to badly. It's actually true that a number of other Wikia which may be more active than us apparently have a very small amount of users who actually contributed. You shouldn't half to go anywhere. The system is setup to work here. Unless you're on a browser which I guess I may have failed to get to work (I've only tested this in Firefox and Opera) then above the Search box in the Sidebar you should see a Switch box. I'll add the new tag to make it easy. Oh, a new note; One of the features added during the update is that images can now be made to be able to be undeleted. So unlike before where if an image was deleted, it would half to be re-uploaded now, instead I can delete an image and it can be un-deleted. Because of this, all the images I've tagged for future deletion will be deleted now. ~Dantman(talk) current discussion Mar 24, 2007 @ 01:33 (UTC)
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