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Welcome to the Narutopedia Collaboration. This is a place for community collaboration with projects on the Narutopedia. To add a new project, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

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Village in Distress: A new E-Ranked Mission!15:19, November 19, 2014SuperSajuuk
Sharingan Mode09:29, November 6, 2014SuperSajuuk
Unwanted Diversification21:45, June 21, 2013Omnibender
Naruto Movie 6 Genjutsu World Characters06:25, May 30, 2013Kunoichi101
Naruto Manga Chapter Release Schedule21:24, April 24, 2013TheUltimate3
Possible references to Japanese legends17:40, February 2, 2013Raidra
Incapacitated Page04:51, December 1, 2012UltimateSupreme
Chat room.08:18, November 23, 2012SuperSajuuk
Grammar04:03, October 20, 2012Kunoichi101
Wikia's Fantasy Fellowship10:55, September 16, 2012UltimateSupreme
Hidan's Jutsu?00:58, September 5, 201298.26.246.106
Adding to the game section23:56, August 21, 2012Omnibender
Part I and II pics in infobox?22:20, June 19, 2012Kunoichi101
Rock Lee spin-off section13:41, June 6, 2012UltimateSupreme
Pages mondai and potcha have their names switched13:33, June 6, 2012IndxcvNovelist
Naruto Movie 6 Correction11:34, May 4, 2012Kbme
Volume 6003:00, April 28, 2012Omnibender
Bone: Advanced Technique01:30, March 19, 2012Omnibender
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Generations needs more edits20:52, February 16, 2012Burra101
Mangekyo Sharingan17:38, January 29, 2012Jacce
Dear friends03:02, November 17, 2011Cerez365
Chat06:49, October 12, 2011Umishiru
Helping out with another wikia?20:18, October 10, 201196.25.190.10
Shipuuden English Airdates01:47, September 6, 2011Omnibender
Age: Deceased16:34, August 16, 2011Kiba's twin sister
Concerning Talk Pages04:25, August 9, 2011Cerez365
Mizuki17:33, August 3, 2011IndxcvNovelist
Madara requires updating.21:38, May 11, 2011Omnibender
Updates please13:37, April 26, 2011IndxcvNovelist
Improved Images on Hidden Villages12:57, April 5, 201189.21.2.196
Get with the program01:24, March 27, 2011TheUltimate3
Yukimaru requires updating please!23:14, February 25, 2011Snapper2
Enhanced advertisement of narutopedia11:46, February 7, 2011Ralph Santos
517 to do20:19, November 20, 2010ShounenSuki
MIA21:11, August 3, 2009Snapper2
Dear admins!18:05, May 13, 2009Dantman
Time Line Project00:58, July 29, 2008Dantman
Community Project, Tag maddness21:07, July 16, 2008Kakashi Namikaze
Community Project, Narutopedia in the News04:36, December 14, 2007Dantman
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