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Note: This topic has been unedited for 3502 days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

Here's the results for the look survey that was run. We got 736 complete responses, including unfinished survey responses it was 1000 (the cutoff, I don't feel like paying for more than that).

I can crosstab any questions together into charts, and group comments by answer as well if necessary, I can also get specific other answers associated with comments.

1. Are you a reader or an editor?
2. What is your general opinion on the new look?
  • I haven't seen the previous look before.
  • I really like it.
  • I can tolerate it but I kinda liked the old (Monaco) look better.
  • It gets in my way; I wish we had the old look back.
  • I prefer other looks like the standard Monobook and Vector skins which Wikipedia have been using.

Pie chart


Bar chart


Crosstab with who reads and who edits the wiki.

3. Do you think the Narutopedia should re-include the social elements like blogs, allowing random discussions in the forums, fan theories, and fan art?
  • I think the Narutopedia should stick to factual encyclopedic information.
  • I like the idea of allowing fan theories artwork blogs and forum discussions on the Narutopedia.

Crosstab with opinions on the new look.


Crosstab with who reads and who edits the wiki.


Crosstab with opinions on splitting the wiki.

4. What do you think about the idea of moving the Narutopedia off Wikia and it becoming an independent wiki?
  • I like Wikia a lot, if the Narutopedia moved away I'd probably still edit the wiki on Wikia instead.
  • I like Wikia a lot, I'd prefer it if the Narutopedia stayed here but if the community decided to move I'd be willing to go along with them.
  • I don't care where the wiki is hosted, I'll edit it wherever the community is.
  • I'm in favor of the idea of moving off of Wikia.

Crosstab with opinions on the new look.


Crosstab with who reads and who edits the wiki.


Crosstab with opinions on if we should include fan/social content.

5. If the Narutopedia moved, what kinds of methods would you be fine with for making up the money needed for hosting costs? (Please select all that apply)
6. What do you think are good locations for advertisements? (Assuming a Monaco style layout, not Wikia's new skin; needless to say we won't be showing ads for logged in users, or in non-content areas such as discussion pages, special pages, and editing)
7. If the Narutopedia moved and offered small cheap advertising blocks using, would you advertise your own websites in them?
8. Would you donate to a company hosting the Narutopedia
9. Should the Narutopedia split up into an Encyclopedia off-Wikia, and a wiki covering other things on Wikia?
  • The Narutopedia should split up into two wiki on and off Wikia.
  • The Narutopedia should stay as an Encyclopedia on Wikia.
  • The Narutopedia should move away from Wikia completely.
  • The Narutopedia should stay on Wikia and cover both Encyclopedic and fan content.

Crosstab with opinions on the new look.


Crosstab with who reads and who edits the wiki.


Crosstab with opinions on if we should include fan/social content.

10. Feel free to leave any other comments, suggestions, notes, or ideas on how to pay for the hosting and service here
I really don't want people coming here and adding whatever they feel like: this is a proud wikia of pure facts in the world of Naruto and freedom of fanon. If thousands of fans just come here and begin to add all kinds of "assumable" nonsense, this wikia will be no different from sites that people host alone and post all the stuff they THINK. It will basically collapse into an another blog site that people come for discussion which ends up in pointless "Who's the coolest ninja in Naruto?"s and all of the original info which people worked on years for will be gone forever.
Change back to the old style.
the new wikia design is awful
I'm ok with fan content, but please ban stuff that are yaoi and yuri.
I like it the way it is.


i like the new look of the narutopedia, but i still prefer the old one not because i got used to it it's because it is more easier and more child/teen friendlier since naruto is for children and teens.

i don't want narutopedia to move away from wikia...i absolutely don't! that's all...

i like the old narutopedia beter
I really prefered the old layout.
please get the old manaco back i really like that 1 but if not i can handle the new 1
I like the concept of several communities under one "place" wikia. I also much prefer the old template...the new one compacts the text into one side and its not visually appealing.
make the story screen a bit wide an i might stick with this new look ps i like chicken
i wish narutpedia would still be a free encyclopedia :)
I really don't like the new look on the Narutopedia. Could you change it back or another style kind of like it? Thanks
Please revert back to the old look. This is terrible and overly-confined.
Bring the old skin back, please? The new layout isn't nearly as user-friendly.
it was sweet the way it used to be
Keep it up ^^
  1. Narutopedia should stay like a serious encyclopedia of the manga,anime and official products of Naruto.If you allow the Narutopedia to be filled with fan arts or subjective opinions then its not useful anymore.
  2. THE PARAGRAPHS ARENT WIDE ENOUGH!!!.This is serious.Now it looks like a triptych or a blog.I dont read many wikias but mos of the ones i read have wide paragraphs.Please at least change this.
I love Naruto-pedia the way it is and I love the new look.

I've been coming to this wiki for about a year or so and I love every minute of it.

Updates in information based on the weekly chapters and trivia at the bottom of the pages.

It's just an amazing site,one of my favorites.

all i want is the narutopedia from before
I have see this new system at other sites and I don't like it. I think that it is clumsy and hard to get to the data. Please change it back to the way that it was.
I really prefer the traditional design, please stick to it as the new site is too much of a hassle.
The original Wiki style is the best
i really really really liked the old version of narutopedia, please thinking about putting it back please ! sites awesome
use the old look
I simply prefer the old look, I don't care about anything else.
Please bring back the old look, it was so much easier to find what you were looking for and provided more opportunities for searching. It was easy to find your way around the site and get hooked on something you might not have searched, simply because you didn't know it existed. please bring back the old look or at least incorporate elements of it in the new look, it would improve the site so much
I like the old look where the recently edited pages are on the side bar.

Really makes things easier that way. the colors and layout of the background also match NARUTO more PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD LOOK!!!

i would like the idea of a better system for navigating episodes like on the one piece wikia where you have a contents for the arcs with the episodes relevant on a link on the top and it scrolls to the relevant episodes below when clicked.
i want the old missing the left side panel scroll where latest updates where made
you r great .. keep goin on (ok)
i really hate the new look..
If this Wikia cost me something I probably will not come here anymore. This is like a Hobby of mine. I can live without it too. After all this is not so important as paying for study.
It should be some comments off people that have seen the episode and talk about it
I like those information written in narutopedia, because i am a big fan of naruto i hope for more information tnx alot
The new design is terrible.

Impossible to read. PLEASE bring back the old design.

i think it'll just be fine if you keep with wikia, and pls get the old look back
why don't u just link a forum???
I like the old look better, everything about the old Wikia was amazing I reckon. And also please dont put any ads in the left side bar or anything to hinder the left side bar we had before, I like the left side bar alot :)
Change it back to the original look. This look makes me extreamly pissed and confused on how to find what I'm looking for.
I love narutopedia :D it should stay tthe way it is now
naruto forever!Believe it!
I think your doing good, so aslong as I can still use this site I'm with you 100%.
I think you should bring the old design back as fast as possible, because the new design is making so confused. PLEASSSE!!!!
Eh, I'm not good with money.
Change the skin .
New design too cramped
This new layout is too crampped. Everything is focused in the center and in smaller text. So my only real problem with the new look is that you have all this space and text is scrunched up in the middle
just change the look
change it back
I think you should not change the background
Good work, keep it up :D
I want the old look... >:I
I think the whole wikia concept is very good and it should remain as it used to be. the new style is not bad but is a matter of time to get use to it, so you should give some time to survey in order to work. i know advertising is the only way of resources but the purpose of wikia is not to annoy the visitors. i think you could also add automatic correction (dunno how is it called). Like google has when you write a word wrong and shows with bold letters.
i should be back on it's original ..
the new look looks really terrible
Woohoo! =D
Please stay with Wikia and change the look back to its old format.
keep up the good work
How about you try making a naruto mmorpg and charge membership, and it could be a price lower than the leading mmorpg, runescape which is $5.99 a month. Many naruto fans play runscape and a few world of warcraft so if you mixed elements of both sides and advertised it on your website you should get at least 100 or so buyers. For example, you could design your own ninja, have skills like chakra level and water style and weapons skills then you could level them up and the max level for all of them could be 500. Also, the levels can affect what jutsu you can preform and everyone picks their own Village. Villages can declare war on each other and wipe each other out. This can occur becuase whan a players character dies, he stays dead. However, the player could have like, 20 characters to make up for it. The members could have special powers like becoming jinchuriki, kage, and can make jutsu they can use plus they can use s-leveljutsu. You can decide the price but it should be lower than runescapes!
I love the old look..because it seems look wider..and more comfortable to read the content..
recent edits was a good thing on the side, that way, it was easier to see what was edited recently and see if it has been vandalised.
Well as long as the info i get from narutopedia is all correct and clear, i dont really mind where this goes, plus i like the attention you give to screenshots of skills ;) coz those are some of the things that matter the most to me :)
make it got video to watch and photos........that's all i want.....
new look is to narrow
I love Narutopedia! Keep up the good work.
i liked the old wikia put it back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like how the site is now but honestly, I'll follow whatever the community majority decides to go for. If it is moved, I hope advertisements will remain somewhat tasteful without any sexual overtones. I've seen too many good sites go down due to that. Anyway, I'll wait and see on what happens. Thanks for reading, even if I rambled.
sorry,,, i dont understand the two question,,, very sorry
please put some pictures......
Narutopedia is one of the most awesome I know, so I wish you give the fans what we want and keep up the good work in running this site. Thanks!
i hope narutopedia better and better
I hate the slim design. On my 1680 px wide monitor most of the space on monitor goes to the pointless waste of space. (I cant even imagine what the folks with HD monitor or even with greater one must be goingh through) The page design should be dynamic to adjust every monitor size.....
Do what makes the most economic sense to you. However be carefull because you might go over board trying to make money and scare everyone away. This is why I don't go onto the "new" narutocentral site anymore
The Narutopedia should have all the good quotes of all chracters.More pictures in pages.But it really is good and keep making this wiki a great site and best of luck.
I Like Your Wikia Its good with the back ground
I don't think narutopedia should move to a separate site, off of wikia, bcuz I dont think it would be a good idea, of separating bcuz the information here or off of wikia is gonna be the same everywhere and people come here to look at the information! And I dont think people will donate enough money to run the site at first!
The site now has a sort of bar on the right side of the page which contains things like: Search, total pages on the wiki, recent edit, photos etc. But because of this, the article feels far too narrow. Theres a relatively small area for the article, and right of it a huge gaping stroke of blank. Should be better if th text was spread over the entire width where possible.
Wanna Banana?
Like I said I prefer the old layout better than the new one and that all I have to say..........Oh yah almost forgot...I have one last thing to say *takes a deep breath* " NARUTO


i hate the new layout
Please don't leave, I also like the old way better, because the search bar is easy to reach.
narutopedia should stay with wikia but it is still okay if it moved as long as it is for free and no membership required to enter the site
While the new look isn't great, I'd still recommend staying.
go back to the old pedia
I love this website as is
Well, i don't really like the new look, but i do like Narutopedia. That's all. :3
well wikia is the best information based site on naruto it is the best way to learn everyting about naruto.
I'd like to have the quick search bar back.
Naruto rocks! My favorite characters on Naruto are most likely Kimimaro and Gaara Of The Desert.
I find it hard to navigate since the left sidebar (the one with "Most visited page" etc) is gone. Maybe bring back the old theme or just that sidebar I'm talking to.
Screw wikia! This new style is CSS VOMIT.
The new layout sucks
common fanfic stuff
I use Narutopedia a lot, and now that it looks like this, I might as well just use something else. It doesn't feel organized, and kinda sucky if I might add. Everything is changing, myspace, pedia's, and now you guys. I'm highly disappointed to say the least.
I enjoyed the old Narutopedia. The new look impedes my ability to read. Before, my connection, however slow, could load a page in a reasonable time. The new look causes my browser to never load a page.
The new style is terrible i can barely read it
Don't fix it if it ain't broken!
no coments, am satisfied with how narutopedia is now. however, let me point out that id prefer to have the old look back, since i am allready used to it, and i think it would probably also be easier to use.
The right hand side of the articles now just turns to blank space below the advertisement. This makes long articles really awkward to read because the content all seems smashed to the left, rather than using the full page. Since the content if off center, it is difficult to skim as well as read.
The new look is nice, but far too thin.
As a bit of a frequent to this site, on a weekly basis or so, I enjoy the new look quite a bit. The other look was beginning to be a bit stale, but it was tolerable. I think the new site should become it's own independant wikia, but I also think it shouldn't. I just have a hard time believing that the people who use this site so frequently would donate, that's not to say they won't. But to continuously support the wikia, it would be difficult.

I have covered, what I think are some decent ideas for the site on the survey I completed, and I hope to have been of some help with my opinions and thoughts. I will continue to frequent the site so long as there are articles to read.

Thank you for reading.

Well, i personally dont have any idea, sorry.
go back to the normal one please
I really hate the new layout. It's to hard to move and and and I miss the Narutopedia skin background.
What annoys me the most about the new look is the width. I would really like it to be more.
I hate how it bring the page to the top when i'm reading. >:(
I don't like the akward new layout.
I really hate the new style of this site. The design before was a lot of better, I think that i won't go again to this site if it stay like this
get the old look back
i don't really care what happens, but if it is moved and must be paid for by users, then i wont be able to browse any articles because i cant pay. i do enjoy reading the articles to look ahead and read about and learn things that i didn't know about before. i use narutopedia daily and i sometimes, every now and then, i edit but normally everything is fine. thank you for the survey. Hunter Barton, Narutopedia user
Narutopedia is the best
I Love The New Look :D
website should include an area for readers to read naruto online
i liked the old way narutopedia looked.
The old looks better. Please change it.
Change it back!!! I dont like the new set up whatsoever
The new way reminds me of a glitch my computer has from time to time. It looks squeezed, and somewhat cheap. The old way was clear, understandable, and suitable.

And even though I know a.d.s are needed to keep this site running I still think that they should have no place here

ok now to have fun
get the old look back I want to keep track on the content tab what is newly changed and in the new look you guys dont have the tab there :/
The new look steals content space D< if you have a small monitor, all the text is squashed into a tiny column. and the stupid banners that float with your scrolling is annoying as well. Blocks my screen too much. And yes, i know that that is Wikia's fault.
The new look makes it virtually impossible to actually read articles, with the primary problem being that each article is now too long vertically and not wide enough horizontally.
well i like the older version of the site now its all compressed so , the pages are getting LARGER and harder to navigate
naaah... this survey already took a lot of my time... kthnxbai :D
Narutopedia is awesome, so you can just keep it the way it is.
i like naruto=)
I think this abou covered it all but i realy want the old look back
i dont know what a wiki or a wikia is
The share/follow toolbar gets in the way, especially while scrolling
NarutoPedia is Still the best Database. It's great, many fans use it. I particularly use it almost daily, It should continue the way it is, and I must confess it is improving, the database has every information possible ! Which is what us fans like ! NARUTOPEDIA IS ABSOLUTELY GREAT !
As an older adult who mostly reads the facts about Naruto and get info on the current episode I am on I enjoy this site very much. It is very informative. Thank you for having it.
Narutopedia is all right as it is...But it would be better with the old style!!!
love narutopedia!
New layout SUCKS
change it back to its old look
I enjoy Narutopedia. The one thing I dont't like is the pictures. There simply aren't enough. The ones you do have are good, but you need more pictures
Just change it back to the original style!
old look was way better.
I think that Narutopedia should stay the same way it was before and should continue to stay with the website "Wikia"

Thanks! XD

This new format is quite ugly. The wikia fuckers need to be smacked.
i liked the old look, and want that back as my first choice and staying on wikia. But if wikia is adamant about arbitrarily keeping this look here, I'm all for moving to a new website.
The search bar is often being blocked by the ad box below it making it hard to navigate the wiki. Please move it back to it normal place on the left side of the screen.
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