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The change I requested has finaly been put into place. The old Project namespace and value inside of {{SITENAME}} was Naruto Wiki. Which dosen't properly reflect this wiki because it's called the Narutopedia. I made a request and now as well as Anime being changed to Animepedia (Which means the Anime: interwiki link that works here will also work on the Animepedia now to.) Naruto Wiki has been changed to Narutopedia. So now instead of the rules being located at Naruto Wiki:Rules they are at Narutopedia:Rules. Don't worry about the links arround the site though, I've been using Project:Rules and Project is an alias of the Project namespace so no mater what we change it to Project will always lead to Narutopedia:Rules. Dantman (Talk) 21:13, 10 March 2007 (UTC)

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