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As the Logistical Medical Division continue healing injured shinobi, Yūgao is assigned to safeguard Allied Shinobi Forces' special kekkei genkai, in order to prevent the enemy from getting their hands on it. During the corpse infiltration, she meets her former lover, a reincarnated Hayate, along with two unidentified reincarnated shinobi. Hayate and the other shinobi are able to steal a scroll containing special kekkei genkai of shinobi KIA and flee into the forest. They are soon followed by Sakura, Iō, Yokaze and Yūgao. Eventually, they track down Hayate and the other shinobi, using Yūgao's chakra sensing technique. They are able to seal all but Hayate, who escapes, due to Yūgao's reluctance to fight him. The group then takes a rest, during which Yūgao revels that she left the ANBU because of Hayate's loss. While originally she fought to avenge Hayate, she was pushed to the point of emotionally snapping forcing her to see a sword as a symbol of his death. Sakura then stated they must fight this "unforgivable" technique and went to retrieve the scroll on her own. Sometime later, Sakura manages to find Hayate, who she temporarily fights with, but is defeated. Yūgao manages to arrive and fights Hayate, who is eventually almost about to kill Yūgao, but due to Yūgao giving him enough strength to stop Kabuto from completely erasing his conscious, Yūgao is unharmed and manages to pierce him. He then falls onto the ground and is swiftly sealed by the sealing team, that Yokaze and Iō caught. The team then retrieves the scroll and heads back to the Logistical Medical Division successfully completing the mission.
As the Logistical Medical Division continue healing injured shinobi, Yūgao is assigned to safeguard Allied Shinobi Forces' special kekkei genkai, in order to prevent the enemy from getting their hands on it. During the corpse infiltration, she meets her former lover, a reincarnated Hayate, along with two unidentified reincarnated shinobi. Hayate and the other shinobi are able to steal a scroll containing special kekkei genkai of shinobi KIA and flee into the forest. They are soon followed by Sakura, Iō, Yokaze and Yūgao. Eventually, they track down Hayate and the other shinobi, using Yūgao's chakra sensing technique. They are able to seal all but Hayate, who escapes, due to Yūgao's reluctance to fight him. The group then takes a rest, during which Yūgao revels that she left the ANBU because of Hayate's loss. While originally she fought to avenge Hayate, she was pushed to the point of emotionally snapping forcing her to see a sword as a symbol of his death. Sakura then stated they must fight this "unforgivable" technique and went to retrieve the scroll on her own. Sometime later, Sakura manages to find Hayate, who she temporarily fights with, but is defeated. Yūgao manages to arrive and fights Hayate, who is eventually almost about to kill Yūgao, but due to Yūgao giving him enough strength to stop Kabuto from completely erasing his conscious, Yūgao is unharmed and manages to pierce him. He then falls onto the ground and is swiftly sealed by the sealing team, that Yokaze and Iō caught. The team then retrieves the scroll and heads back to the Logistical Medical Division successfully completing the mission.
== Battle Against Tatewaki ==
:'''Location''': [[Land of Lightning]] Forest
:'''Akatsuki''': [[Tatewaki]]
:'''Allied Shinobi Forces''': [[Karui]], part of the [[Second Division]], and [[Naruto]]'s Shadow Clone Some time Later
::'''Anime''': [[An A-Rank Mission: The Contest|''Naruto shippuden"''# 309]] to [[The Fallen Castle|#310]]
:'''Outcome''': Tatewaki able to break contract with [[Kabuto Yakushi]] and return to the After Life. [[Allied Shinobi Forces]] Victory
As the Battle Continues, Karui and part of the Second Division run into a reincarnated Samurai ,Tatewaki, who they soon struggle against fighting. A short Time Later, one of Naruto's Shadow Clone arrives to help, Despite Karui not recognizing him at First, which angers him. He soon Recognizes the samurai as someone he encountered during a mission to kidnap a prized Prince. The samurai soon asks Naruto what became of the two he was chosen to protect on that mission. After Naruto explains that both are alive and living happily, he Drops his sword and, due to having no emotional Bond to this world, he is able to break the contract and return to the afterlife. Afterwards, Karui is seen admiring the man for taking back control.
=== The Battle for the Daimyō's Protection ===
=== The Battle for the Daimyō's Protection ===

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This is the article on the actual war. For the story arc, head to Shinobi World War Arc.

The Fourth Shinobi World War (第四次忍界大戦, Daiyonji Ninkai Taisen, English TV: Fourth Great Ninja War) is an ongoing conflict between the Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki. The battle began on the 8th of October and has stretched to the 9th.[1]

Preparations for War

Its beginning was declared by Tobi when the five Kage and the leader of the Land of Iron unanimously refused to surrender the Eight-Tails and the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox for his Eye of the Moon Plan. He then stated that he would use the seven tailed beasts already captured by the Akatsuki in combating the ninja world. After this the Fifth Kazekage, the Fifth Mizukage, the Fourth Raikage, the Third Tsuchikage, and General Mifune agreed to form a Shinobi Alliance, pooling all their resources against Tobi. Later the daimyō of the Five Great Shinobi Countries approved the coalition and the Fifth Hokage joined the alliance while Kabuto Yakushi formed an alliance with Tobi.

Both factions began by gathering their strength and collecting intelligence about the other side in preparation for the upcoming hostilities. Kisame gathered intelligence on Kumogakure's military strength and on Killer B while travelling with him everywhere hidden inside Samehada. Anko Mitarashi and her team tracks Kabuto Yakushi, which led them to Tobi's headquarters. Other Shinobi Alliance teams have fanned out to collect other information about Akatsuki and their hideouts.

Kabuto has formed an alliance with Tobi, demonstrating his use of the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique, increasing the forces of Akatsuki with the reincarnation of deceased members of the organisation. The Five Kage have decided to hide the two remaining jinchūriki, Naruto and Killer B on an island in the Land of Lightning. Hiding Killer B and Naruto had the unintended result of allowing Naruto to learn to control the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra, much like the way Killer B has of the Eight-Tails (in the anime, however, Tsunade had intended for Naruto to train with B from the beginning). Having been successful in his training, Naruto has exhibited increased speed and strength when utilising the controlled chakra of the Nine-Tails but lacks the same finesse that Killer B had exhibited in utilising the Eight-Tails', crashing into the wall and crushing rocks whenever he uses the Nine-Tails chakra.

Despite being captured in the end and committing suicide to keep the information he held secret, Kisame was able to finish Akatsuki's preparations for the War by sending a summon shark with a scroll to his comrades, divulging the proximate location of the Turtle Island. With the battle between the two forces seeming to be on the horizon, Tobi dispatched Kabuto to retrieve the Nine-Tails and Eight-Tails with the reincarnated Deidara, but was stopped by Ōnoki, Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi who were going to reinforce the forces on the Island Turtle. Kabuto escaped with Yamato, further adding to the intelligence sources that Akatsuki has on the Shinobi Alliance and also strengthening the White Zetsu Army clones with Yamato's powers.

Both the Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki have amassed considerable forces for this war; 80,000 shinobi and samurai total make up the Alliance versus 100,000 Zetsu clones and reincarnated shinobi supplied by Kabuto making up Tobi's army.


Allied Shinobi Forces

The Allied Shinobi Forces' "Great Battle Regiment".

The Allied Shinobi Forces created by the Five Great Nations and the Samurai of the Land of Iron consists of five main divisions, with Gaara of the Sand as the Regimental Commander. The 1st Division consists of mid-range fighters and is led by Darui. The Second Division is made up of close-range fighters and is led by Kitsuchi. The 3rd Division is under the command of Kakashi Hatake, and features both close- and mid-range fighters. The 4th Division contains only long-range fighters under the control of Gaara. Shikamaru is Gaara's right hand man and proxy commander of the Fourth Division as well. Finally, the 5th division was created for the purpose of special operations, and features ninjas with unique skills. Mifune is the leader of these special operatives. There are also four special divisions formed for the war. The Logistical Support and Medical Division led by Shizune comprises of medical ninja, the Surprise Attack Division led by Kankurō, has the task to ambush the enemy forces. The third is the Sensor Division with Ao as captain, and finally the Intelligence Division headed by Inoichi Yamanaka is intended to gather information and relay it to Gaara for strategy's sake.

Name Position
Kumogakure Symbol.svg A Supreme Leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces
Sunagakure Symbol.svg Gaara Regimental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces, 4th Division Commander
Kumogakure Symbol.svg Darui 1st Division Commander
Iwagakure Symbol.svg Kitsuchi 2nd Division Commander
Konohagakure Symbol.svg Kakashi Hatake 3rd Division Commander
Konohagakure Symbol.svg Shikamaru Nara 4th Division Proxy Commander
Land of Iron Symbol.svg Mifune 5th Division Commander
Konohagakure Symbol.svg Shizune Logistical Support and Medical Division Captain
Sunagakure Symbol.svg Kankurō Surprise Attack Division Captain
Kirigakure Symbol.svg Ao Sensor Division Captain
Konohagakure Symbol.svg Inoichi Yamanaka Intelligence Division Captain
Kirigakure Symbol.svg Mei Terumī Daimyō Protection Squad Captain
Konohagakure Symbol.svg Shikaku Nara Chief Strategist


Akatsuki's forces.

Akatsuki is composed of Tobi and Zetsu. Their primary fighting force is composed of 100,000 Zetsu clones created through a combination of the tailed beasts' chakra and Hashirama Senju's power. Tobi plans to use Sasuke Uchiha once he has recovered from his Mangekyō Sharingan transplant. Kabuto Yakushi has also joined forces with Akatsuki, reincarnating a large number of once-famous and powerful shinobi to supplement the White Zetsu Army.


Allied Shinobi Forces

Initial Deployment

A diagram illustrating the Allied Shinobi Force's initial deployment.

Analysing their own and their enemy's location, the Allied Shinobi Forces have decided that Akatsuki will send a small fraction of their army by sea from the Mountains' Graveyard (Akatsuki's hideout) to Kumogakure, and that most of the army will travel by land. This would require the army to move through both the Land of Frost and the Land of Hot Water. An immediate evacuation notice was sent to both countries, and they will most likely evacuate to the south, in the Land of Fire. The First Division, which is the mid-range battle division, is stationed in the northern part of the Land of Lightning, in order to prevent the Akatsuki from using the small gulf to infiltrate the area from Mountain's Graveyard. The Second Division, or short-range battle division, is on the border of the Land of Lightning and the Land of Frost, sealing a northerly path into the Land of Lightning. The Third Division, or the short- to mid-range battle division, was advancing fast through the middle of the Land of Frost, but was called into the northern part of the Land of Hot Water to aid the Surprise Attack Division. The Fourth Division, the long-range battle division, is on the border of the Land of Lightning and the Land of Frost, sealing a southerly path into the Land of Lightning. Mifune's Fifth Division, the special battle division, is aligned in a large arc from the north part of the Land of Frost, through the middle of the border between the Land of Frost and the Land of Lightning, all the way to just south of the First Division, in order to aid any of the divisions that need immediate response, and to finish the seal on the Land of Frost and the Land of Lightning's border.

Secondary Deployment

The initial Secondary deployment of the forces.

As the confrontation develops, resulting in both the First and Fourth Divisions opposing two separate yet equally significant contingents of the enemy's forces, Shikaku Nara devises a strategy to better reflect the conflict's current developments. Confronted with two distinct groups, the decision is made not to individualise the targets and instead concentrate entirely on those facing Darui's First Division, by connecting their forces with those stationed within the Easterly end of Mifune's Fifth Division. The majority of Kitsuchi's Second Division will move simultaneously to this, proceeding along the ocean and sandwiching the enemy force in a pincer-manoeuvre, while the remainder attends to the adversaries that they are already battling.

The secondary deployment with support.

Consequently, this will severely thin out the Second Division but as the Fifth Division fills in the gaps left behind by the Second Division, it will match that of the Fifth Division's formation, which then provides a solitary yet solid line of defence. As this occurs, Gaara's Fourth Division will make a slow retreat while moving into a sideways chevron formation, luring the enemy into following them. Eventually the top portion of this 'line' will break away and join the First Division, giving them yet further support.

Once the first targeted group of enemies is defeated, the joint forces of the First and supporting Fourth Division will switch to the remaining opposition at Gaara's Fourth Division, approaching from behind and decimating them in a single decisive strike. However; this preliminary plan relies upon the swift mobilisation of the Second and Fifth Divisions, so as to best employ Kitsuchi's units experience in combating the current enemy, and the belief that the opposition will be unable to mount a full attack upon the retreating long-range battle division, due partially to the enemy's suspicion over why the Fourth Division would split and their inability to get in close.

Night-time Deployment

As darkness falls and the remainder of the troops reallocate their forces in favour of observation, the Alliance takes the opportunity to centralise the Logistical Support and Medical Division behind their defences to attend to all the wounded shinobi. The compound is guarded by two Akimichi clan members at its only entrance and the chakra of anyone entering the compound is verified and cross referenced with the Alliance's headquarters, to prevent the infiltration of hostile intruders.

However, in spite of these various precautions, the Alliance's considerable defences fail to thwart the intrusion of a significant quantity of disguised White Zetsu Army clones and the resultant fatalities caused by the opposition's subsequent movements. As chaos ensues with individuals unable to ascertain friend from foe due to the chakra mimicking properties of the aforementioned clones, Shikaku Nara is tasked with the creation of a solution to counter this sudden perilous development. Despite much thought, he concludes that only Naruto's recently awakened capability to discern a person's "evil" intent, presents a viable resolution and due to his Shadow Clone Technique, many of the issues occurring within the dispersed divisions are solved simultaneously. This decision prompts the mobilisation of both jinchūriki in preparation for the following day.


Day One Deployment

Much less was initially known about the Akatsuki strategy, but it was made evident that their primary objective remained the acquisition of the surviving jinchūriki. From the small amount of information that had been divulged; Kabuto would maintain direct manipulation of the movements of the reincarnated individuals until they had reached their appointed destinations, with the intention of eradicating their personalities when the actual conflict began to turn them into mindless implements of death, while still manipulating any emotional response they could potentially illicit to full advantage, in the hopes of inflicting further damage. During the course of this approach, a small Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon (comprised of Sasori, Deidara, Chūkichi and Shin) would attack from the air, utilising bombs and traps to disperse the enemy. However, realising that the movement of their entire army in such a large and apparent fashion would be far too conspicuous, the decision was instead undertaken to dislocate the 100,000 White Zetsu Army clones beneath the ground, in order to thoroughly conceal the approach of the main contingent of their forces. Though a large amount of these clones were eventually unearthed, thousands more were able to proceed unobstructed underground to their respective battlegrounds, due in part to the diversionary tactics made possible by the addition of Kabuto's reincarnated shinobi.

Concurrent to the developing conflict, Black Zetsu would utilise the resulting turmoil in order to infiltrate the daimyō's safe house as per Tobi's orders, with the sole intention of using these valued captives as bargaining chips to draw out the jinchūriki. However, with the jinchūriki's decision to expose themselves and take direct action before this assignments completion, it was deemed unnecessary and so Black Zetsu's role was altered to instead engage with the daimyō's guards, ensuring their continued separation from the remainder of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

Night-time Deployment

As the confrontation progresses and night falls upon the first day, Tobi's true intentions and the reasons behind his confidence in his original strategy, which didn't account for Kabuto's inclusion or contributions, is revealed. The two opposing sides would effectively be forced into a staring contest as the Allied Shinobi Forces focus on tightening defences and tending to the wounded or resting. Tobi, aware that this would make the Allied Shinobi completely reliant upon their sensor shinobi in order to remain vigilant, then begins taking this advantage of this by utilising the Zetsu clones' Substitute Technique in conjunction with the chakra obtained from members of the Allied Shinobi Forces during the previous battles. By covertly placing these transformed Zetsu among the injured and scattered troops of the Allied Shinobi, they could then proceed to assassinate any isolated individuals while remaining undetected. This results in causing chaos and disagreement within the ranks of the Allied Shinobi who begin to suspect one another of committing these deeds without any definitive proof, but while also minimising the causalities suffered by the Akatsuki forces in the process. In addition, the attack of the transformed Zetsu also aimed to force the shinobi alliance to counter these insurgents, placing Naruto in the battlefield whose ability to recognise "evil" intent Tobi has learned from the intel gathered by Kisame.

Unbeknownst to the opposition, Tobi had also begun developing further contingencies in preparation for the second day of the conflict, creating his own Six Paths of Pain by utilising the former jinchūriki and customising their corpses with both a Rinnegan and a Sharingan.

Day One

Battle at Mountains' Graveyard

Location: Mountains' Graveyard
Akatsuki: Kabuto Yakushi, Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon
Allied Shinobi Forces: Infiltration and Reconnaissance Party
Manga: Chapter #516 to #517
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #261 to #262
Outcome: Infiltration and Reconnaissance Party are all captured. Muta Aburame manages to send intel back to HQ. Akatsuki tactical victory. Allied Shinobi Forces strategic victory.

When the Akatsuki starts mobilising for war, Anko Mitarashi ordered her team to make contact with the Allied Shinobi Forces while she continue to investigate. Hiding in the bushes, she is found by Kabuto Yakushi and, despite her best efforts, she was defeated and captured after a brief clash. While the rest of the team is retreating, Tokuma Hyūga notices that their presence has been detected by Akatsuki's Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon. He volunteers to stay behind while Muta Aburame and Ranka try to escape but they were separated when Deidara bombards the area with explosive clays. Muta uses his insects to jam the enemy sensor while sending sent his swarm of insects with a scroll containing information back to the HQ. A short while later, all the three members were captured.

Battle of the Surprise Attack Divisions

Location: Land of Hot Water
Akatsuki: Surprise Attack and Diversion Platoon
Allied Shinobi Forces: Surprise Attack Division
Manga: Chapter #517 to #519
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #262 to #263
Outcome: Deidara is captured. Shin and Sasori return to the afterlife. Chūkichi flees. Muta Aburame is killed. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

Both Surprise Attack squads meet coincidentally in the Land of Hot Water, and they engage in battle. Akatsuki makes the first move, but the Allied Shinobi Force's numbers and strategy of luring Akatsuki into their terrain give them the upper hand. The Allies were able to use their emotions to put them at their highest capacity, including a calm Omoi, a furious Sai, and a determined Kankurō.

Allied Force's Ambush

Location: Land of Hot Water
Akatsuki: Haku, Pakura, Gari, the previous Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, portion of the White Zetsu Army, Chen (Anime Only)
Allied Shinobi Forces: Part of the Surprise Attack Division, Third Division and Naruto's shadow clone (later)
Manga: Chapter #520 to #573
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #265 to #330
Outcome: Tajiki and dozens of Allied Shinobi killed or wounded. All reincarnated shinobi sealed or released. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

The Surprise Attack Division launched an ambush on the Akatsuki shinobi, which easily survived the attack. They then notified the Third Division with a flare, who quickly arrived and saved the ones that were about to be killed. Zabuza Momochi then pleaded with Kakashi Hatake to kill them, then Kabuto Yakushi's technique forced the battle to begin. Zabuza concealed the Akatsuki's movements with his Hiding in Mist Technique. Pakura used Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder to kill at least two ninja, and Tajiki was killed by Gari with Explosion Release: Landmine Fist. Sakura Haruno, being a medical ninja, helped heal the injured. Pakura and Gari then summoned the rest of the previous Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. The new swordsmen then attacked, using their superior swordsmanship to kill at least a dozen more allied shinobi. Kakashi developed a plan involving Ensui Nara, Santa Yamanaka and Maki to seal Zabuza and lift the mist covering the battlefield. However, Haku once more saved Zabuza, holding Kakashi in place, which Zabuza tried to exploit by attempting to slash through both of them. Kakashi was slashed yet survived and immediately countered, allowing Maki to immobilise the recovering Haku and Zabuza, stopping the Hiding in Mist Technique. Later Kakashi's division seemed to have retreated into the forests, the battle seems to be ongoing. On the second day of battle, Kakashi's division manages to seal Fuguki Suikazan and all other reincarnated shinobi but three. More White Zetsu Army clones arrive as reinforcements while one of Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clones arrives at that battlefield as well. Later this day, only one reincarnated shinobi remains on the battlefield. The remaining reincarnated shinobi and the White Zetsu Army were eventually defeated and the rest of the Allied Shinobi Force ninja rushed to the original Naruto and Killer B's position to support them, with Kakashi and Might Guy going on ahead. The battle came to an end with the release of the Impure World Reincarnation, allowing the reincarnated shinobi to pass on.

Battle in the Land of Frost

Location: Border of the Land of Frost and the Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: Around 20,000 clones of the White Zetsu Army
Allied Shinobi Forces: Second Division, westerly section of the Fifth Division and Naruto's shadow clone (later)
Manga: Chapter #521 to #573
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #264 to #330
Outcome: Tactical withdrawal of the Allied Shinobi Forces to aid the First Division. Eventual Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

Kitsuchi and Kurotsuchi used Earth Release: Opening Earth Rising Excavation to unearth the moving Zetsu army, and then the divisions immediately attacked. The opening shots seemed to have destroyed a significant quantity of the Zetsu clones before they had a chance to mount any form of counter-attack. However, as a seemingly unending number of durable clones continued to emerge, the conflict quickly descended into one of attrition, tiring much of the Allied Shinobi Forces and allowing thousands of the clones to proceed without hindrance underground. Part of the Second Division went to aid Darui's First Division. Eventually, the remaining troops apparently defeated the rest of the White Zetsu Army in the area and were seen resting after the battle. However, they too had been infiltrated by the White Zetsu's Substitute Technique, killing comrades and causing uncertainty. This was resolved thanks to Naruto Uzumaki's clone arriving and helping to root out the enemy.

First Battle on the Land of Lightning's Coast

Location: North-western coast of the Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: Thousands of the White Zetsu Army, Asuma Sarutobi, Hizashi Hyūga, Dan Katō, Kakuzu, Kinkaku and Ginkaku
Allied Shinobi Forces: First Division, parts of the Second Division, Fourth Division and the eastern tail of the Fifth Division
Manga: Chapter #525 to #536
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #268 to #276
Outcome: Atsui, Samui, and Ginkaku are sealed within the Benihisago. Kinkaku is sealed within the Kohaku no Jōhei. Asuma Sarutobi is sealed. All the White Zetsu clones involved are defeated. Several shinobi are killed. Dan Katō is trapped within the Four Violet Flames Formation. Kakuzu and Hizashi Hyūga are subdued by Chōji Akimichi. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

Darui and his division awaited the section of the White Zetsu Army that passed under the Second Division, making preparations to fight them and the reincarnated shinobi as they came ashore. Hiashi Hyūga battles Hizashi Hyūga, and Chōza Akimichi battles Dan. The Gold and Silver Brothers then began their battle with Darui, who is supported by Samui and her brother Atsui. The brothers begin fighting Darui and his team-mates where Kinkaku tackles Atsui and Samui with the Kōkinjō and Ginkaku severs their pulled word souls with the Shichiseiken which are after that sucked in the Benihisago. The siblings try to remain silent, as their most spoken word would result in them being sealed in Benihisago. Kinkaku waves the Bashōsen to create a wave of fire that causes Atsui to say "hot", his most spoken word, and gets sealed. Ginkaku holds Samui hostage and the brothers threatens Darui she will be killed unless he drops his weapon. Just as he appears to have given up, Kinkaku tries to attack him with his sword but Darui slices Kinkaku's arm and aims Storm Release: Laser Circus on Ginkaku to free Samui. Ginkaku kicks his sliced arm wrapped with Kōkinjō at Darui causing his word soul to be pulled out. Ginkaku seals Samui despite her not saying a word and Kinkaku curses Darui's word soul. Darui discovers that if he keeps silent to long, he'll be sealed anyway. During the confrontation, countless White Zetsu clones continue to be destroyed in the immediate vicinity. Despite not saying his most spoken word "dull", Darui is still sealed when saying words sounding similar to dull. Darui apologises to those he failed which cancels the sealing as the spoken word "dull" has changed to "sorry" due to Darui being very apologetic. Then a fortunate Darui manages to steal the Benihisago and the Shichiseiken, before sealing Ginkaku and causing Kinkaku to perform a tailed beast transformation in response, who then proceeded to devastate much of the First Division in an attempt to kill his brother's captor. Kitsuchi saves Darui from an attack from Kinkaku as parts of the Second, Fourth, and Fifth divisions arrived to help the overwhelmed First, with the Kohaku no Jōhei being sent to the battlefield by Mabui around the same time. This allowed Darui, acting in conjunction with Ino, Shikamaru, and Chōji to seal Kinkaku within the pot.

With Kinkaku's imprisonment, the battle began anew with Kakuzu obtaining the fifth heart needed to use his Earth Grudge Fear. After sending the four masks out into the conflict, Izumo and Kotetsu managed to catch him off guard and slice through his body, pinning his arms in order to prevent him from regenerating. Darui is then ordered to help the pair while the Allied Shinobi Forces fight the heart monsters. Ino, Shikamaru, and Chōji are sent to deal with the reincarnated Asuma, who was slaughtering a considerable amount of shinobi. Chōza and Dan continue their battle, with preparations being made in order to avoid the latter's use of his Spirit Transformation Technique. Kitsuchi leads dozens of shinobi to fight the remaining Zetsu clones and other shinobi fight Kakuzu's heart monsters. Team 10 continues their battle with Asuma; Shikamaru creates an opening for Chōji to attack, but he hesitates, allowing Asuma to use his Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique on him. Ino saves him. The controlled Asuma goes in to kill Chōji but Ino takes control of his body and dodges, and then Ino fights Asuma within Chōji's body. Chōza saves his son from another attack that would obliterate Chōji and with enough encouraging, he creates butterfly wings. Ino controls White Zetsu clones to fight Asuma, giving Chōji and Shikamaru a chance to attack him. After using a calorie-enhanced chakra punch Chōji defeats Asuma; later he expands his wings further and claims that he will end this battle himself. Later, the battle is seemingly over, with Dan restrained in the Four Violet Flames Formation, Kakuzu and Hizashi Hyūga defeated by the Alliance. Tenten overstrains herself from using the Bashōsen and quickly receives medical attention.

Battle in the Land of Hot Water

Location: Land of Hot Water
Akatsuki: Hanzō, Chiyo, Kimimaro, Chūkichi, Ibuse
Allied Shinobi Forces: Part of the Surprise Attack Division, Mifune, samurai and at least one shinobi of the Fifth Division and Naruto's shadow clone (later)
Manga: Chapter #530 to Chapter #591
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #272 onwards
Outcome: Ibuse killed. Several samurai killed. All reincarnated shinobi released from Impure World Reincarnation. Kankurō's portion of the Surprise Attack Division paralysed, but later given antidote. Allied Shinobi's victory.

Attempting to retrieve the captured Deidara, a portion of Kankurō's division encounters an elite Akatsuki unit and immediately tries to retreat to escape the superior opposition. In response, they are instantly paralysed by Hanzō's summoned Ibuse but Mifune manages to intercept Hanzō's fatal attack, before requesting a duel with the deceased shinobi. Samurai then arrive to back up Mifune and decide to take the poisoned Surprise Attack Division to the Logistical Support and Medical Division. Mifune then faces Hanzō alone, while the samurai fight Kimimaro and Chiyo. Ibuse swallows Mifune but he cuts Ibuse's head open. Hanzō is unable to use ninjutsu due to Mifune attacking him when he stops to weave hand seals. Mifune remembers having fought Hanzō in his youth, and the two discuss their ideals during the fight. Mifune convinces Hanzō against fighting. Hanzō then performs seppuku, causing his own poison to paralyse him. Hanzō is then sealed. In the second day of the battle, a clone of Naruto arrives to help against Chiyo and Kimimaro. The battle continues until the three remaining reincarnated ninja start deconstructing, thanks to Itachi's efforts.

Second Battle on the Land of Lightning Coast

Location: North-western coast of the Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: Tobi and the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path
Allied Shinobi Forces: First Division, parts of the Second Division, Fourth Division and the eastern tail of the Fifth Division
Manga: Chapter #536 to #537
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #276
Outcome: Dan Katō is freed. Kakuzu escapes from being sealed. Hundreds of Allied Shinobi dead in Demonic Statue of the Outer Path's rampage. Tobi retrieves the Benihisago and Kohaku no Jōhei for containing the Gold and Silver Brothers. Akatsuki victory.

Almost immediately after all the participating members of the White Zetsu Army were defeated, as well as Hizashi Hyūga, Kakuzu, and Dan Katō were all restrained, Tobi initiated a new battle right off the coast by summoning the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Chōza and Chōji try to fight against the Demonic Statue but are easily defeated. While it fights against the allied shinobi, Tobi uses the opportunity to obtain Benihisago and Kohaku no Jōhei, containing the sealed Gold and Silver Brothers. Shikamaru realises Tobi sent them to the front lines so they can be sealed into the statue when given the chance. Tobi states he is a worthy opponent and has the statue stomp on him. Shikamaru and Darui are saved by Chōji and Kitsuchi and the statue is de-summoned.

At the end of the first day of the battle, both the Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki received massive casualties, having effectively halved both sides battle forces. The 80,000 strong Allied Shinobi Forces were brought down to 40,000, and the 100,000 strong White Zetsu Army was brought down to 50,000, on top of the several already sealed reincarnated shinobi.

Battle Against the Sound Four

Location: North-western coast of the Land of Lightning and Land of Frost
Akatsuki: The Sound Four
Allied Shinobi Forces: Shikamaru Nara, Chōji Akimichi , Neji Hyūga], Kiba Inuzuka, clone of Naruto Uzumaki (later)
Anime: Naruto: Shippuden #302 to #304
Outcome: Reincarnated Sound Four sealed. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

As the Allied Forces deal with the impostors within their ranks, the reincarnated Sound Four attempt to exact revenge against the former members of the Sasuke Retrieval Team, though each member makes quick work of them. Because they could not defeat the Allied shinobi through raw power, the Sound Four activated the Space–Time Technique Formula: Underworld Turnover which trapped their souls within a barrier to continue their battle inside the barrier while their bodies slowly died. As the Sound Four believed that their vengeance was granting them greater power, their hatred seeped through the barrier allowing Naruto to to find the source and destroy the barrier from the outside allowing his friends souls to return to their bodies.

Hunt for Hayate

Location: Logistical Support and Medical Division Forest
Akatsuki: Hayate Gekkō, two unidentified reincarnated shinobi
Allied Shinobi Forces: , Yokaze, Yūgao Uzuki, and Sakura Haruno
Anime: Naruto Shippuden"#307 to #308
Outcome: Hayate Gekkō and two unidentified shinobi sealed. Allied Shinobi Forces victory

As the Logistical Medical Division continue healing injured shinobi, Yūgao is assigned to safeguard Allied Shinobi Forces' special kekkei genkai, in order to prevent the enemy from getting their hands on it. During the corpse infiltration, she meets her former lover, a reincarnated Hayate, along with two unidentified reincarnated shinobi. Hayate and the other shinobi are able to steal a scroll containing special kekkei genkai of shinobi KIA and flee into the forest. They are soon followed by Sakura, Iō, Yokaze and Yūgao. Eventually, they track down Hayate and the other shinobi, using Yūgao's chakra sensing technique. They are able to seal all but Hayate, who escapes, due to Yūgao's reluctance to fight him. The group then takes a rest, during which Yūgao revels that she left the ANBU because of Hayate's loss. While originally she fought to avenge Hayate, she was pushed to the point of emotionally snapping forcing her to see a sword as a symbol of his death. Sakura then stated they must fight this "unforgivable" technique and went to retrieve the scroll on her own. Sometime later, Sakura manages to find Hayate, who she temporarily fights with, but is defeated. Yūgao manages to arrive and fights Hayate, who is eventually almost about to kill Yūgao, but due to Yūgao giving him enough strength to stop Kabuto from completely erasing his conscious, Yūgao is unharmed and manages to pierce him. He then falls onto the ground and is swiftly sealed by the sealing team, that Yokaze and Iō caught. The team then retrieves the scroll and heads back to the Logistical Medical Division successfully completing the mission.

Battle Against Tatewaki

Location: Land of Lightning Forest
Akatsuki: Tatewaki
Allied Shinobi Forces: Karui, part of the Second Division, and Naruto's Shadow Clone Some time Later
Anime: Naruto shippuden"# 309 to #310
Outcome: Tatewaki able to break contract with Kabuto Yakushi and return to the After Life. Allied Shinobi Forces Victory

As the Battle Continues, Karui and part of the Second Division run into a reincarnated Samurai ,Tatewaki, who they soon struggle against fighting. A short Time Later, one of Naruto's Shadow Clone arrives to help, Despite Karui not recognizing him at First, which angers him. He soon Recognizes the samurai as someone he encountered during a mission to kidnap a prized Prince. The samurai soon asks Naruto what became of the two he was chosen to protect on that mission. After Naruto explains that both are alive and living happily, he Drops his sword and, due to having no emotional Bond to this world, he is able to break the contract and return to the afterlife. Afterwards, Karui is seen admiring the man for taking back control.

The Battle for the Daimyō's Protection

Location: Unknown
Akatsuki: Black Zetsu
Allied Shinobi Forces: Daimyō Protection Squad, Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clone (later)
Manga: Chapter #536 to #562
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #276 to #322
Outcome: Black Zetsu is incapacitated. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

Black Zetsu finally manages to locate the daimyō's at one of the secret hideouts, only to be kicked away before reaching the castle. Having encountered Mei Terumī, the Fifth Mizukage, and the Daimyō Protection Squad, a battle begins, but not before Black Zetsu senses the escape of the target jinchūriki and informs Tobi of it. Black Zetsu was then ordered to continue fighting the Daimyō Protection Squad, more as a distraction than to actually capture the daimyō. The battle continues on the next day, pausing only briefly with the abrupt appearance of one of Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clones. Just as the clone was captured by Zetsu, it was bisected by Chōjūrō. Black Zetsu was pinned in place, as Mei left for another battlefield.

Night One

During the night after the first battle, Akatsuki's White Zetsu Army engaged in devastating night time attacks, using their advanced transformation technique to pose as several Allied Shinobi to begin killing medics and other personnel. The transformed Zetsu could slip past all detection barriers and murder indiscriminately without being caught. However, thanks to Sakura Haruno, the deception was uncovered and the Allied Shinobi Forces were now on guard to the attacks. Despite that though, by morning, there had been several deaths due to the Zetsu.

At the same time, A and Tsunade moved to intercept Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B who had escaped from the Island Turtle before night fell. After a long struggle between Naruto, B, and A, Naruto was finally able to convince A to let them go to the battlefield by beating him in speed.

Day Two

First Skirmish in the Land of Lightning

Location: Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: Platoon of White Zetsu Army posing as Allied Shinobi
Allied Shinobi Forces: Naruto Uzumaki, Killer B, and Gamahiro
Manga: Chapter #545
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #296
Outcome: All White Zetsu killed. Naruto uses his Shadow Clone Technique to disperse clones into the battlefield. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

Naruto and B, in their first action of the War, encountered a platoon of the Allied Shinobi Forces heading to the HQ lead by F. However, Naruto was able to sense they were White Zetsu in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Finally able to go all out, Naruto and B destroyed the platoon of White Zetsu with ease, even killing a merged White Zetsu by crushing it by summoning Gamahiro. Naruto then used his Shadow Clone Technique to send his clones all over the battlefield to detect the White Zetsu.

Second Skirmish in the Land of Lightning

Location: Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: Toroi
Allied Shinobi Forces: Musai, Nonota and Naruto Uzumaki (later)
Manga: Chapter #546
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #296
Outcome: Toroi is sealed. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

A Kumogakure and Sunagakure shinobi were separated from F's platoon (which were actually White Zetsu Army clones in disguise) heading towards HQ. Toroi is later discovered trailing after them during their relocation, with numerous shuriken in hand and scroll in mouth. Identified by the Kumo-nin, who attempts to alert his ally to the best method to not fall victim to his Magnet Release, Toroi goes on the offensive. In spite of the pre-emptive warning, the unaware Suna-nin still falls foul of the attack and is evidently terrified as the details of the technique are disclosed. Prepared to conclude the battle using even larger shuriken, Toroi is ambushed from behind by Naruto Uzumaki wielding a Rasengan, before being sealed by the previously panic stricken Suna-nin. Killer B arrived in the aftermath of the battle and tell his fellow Kumo shinobi that F's platoon were White Zetsu before he and Naruto went away.

First Southern Battle in the Land of Lightning

Location: Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: , Second Mizukage, Third Raikage, Fourth Kazekage, Giant Clam
Allied Shinobi Forces: Part of the Fourth Division with its Commander Gaara, Ōnoki, Naruto Uzumaki's shadow clone (later)
Manga: Chapter #546 to #558
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #296 to #302
Outcome: Dozens of Allied Forces shinobi are killed. The Third Raikage, Second Mizukage, Fourth Kazekage, and half of Mū are sealed. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

, using his Hiding with Camouflage Technique, was able to make his way into the Land of Lightning undetected until Gaara was able to locate him on the first day. Mū then summoned the Second Mizukage, the Third Raikage, and the Fourth Kazekage, ready to engage in battle. However, the Fourth Division slowly retreated, drawing the reincarnated Kage farther into the Land of Lightning while part of the division, led by Shikamaru Nara, broke off to aid in the Battle on the Land of Lightning's coast. After over a day of retreating and the understanding that the Battle on the Land of Lightning's Coast was won, Gaara and Ōnoki engaged the Kage; Gaara sends a huge wave of sand towards the enemy, his father uses his Gold Dust to counteract it. Using the opportunity, Ōnoki attacks using a cone shaped Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique but is countered by Mū who sensed him and uses a cylindrical form of the same technique which results in a colossal crater on the battlefield. As Gaara comes into sight, his father, who had thought that Shukaku had been released, is shocked to see Gaara before him and asks him where the One-Tail was. Gaara responds to him telling him that he was no longer the jinchūriki he had created.

Now having brought Akatsuki farther in to the Land of Lightning, it leaves them vulnerable to an attack from the rear by the First Division and the rest of the Fourth. The battle between father and son commences with the collision of their respective gold and sand, resulting in a mixture of the two. However, by attempting to protect two of the other Kage from an aerial barrage, Gaara restrains his father, and his counters continue to fail in the face of Gaara's Shield of Sand. After Gaara learns the truth about his mother, seals his father, then turning his attention to the Raikage and Mizukage with new determination which escaped from Gaara's sand and they divulge their abilities on the fourth division. Meanwhile, Ōnoki follows Mū, who becomes invisible and states that Ōnoki is going to die if he doesn't call Gaara over. Ōnoki states not to underestimate him as he makes several clones. After the clam summoned by the Second Mizukage begins casting its mirage, the shinobi try in vain to attack the Mizukage as he seemingly phases through them. He then reminds them that attacking him was useless as he was just a mirage and tells them to attack the clam instead to end the technique. Taking his advice into consideration, the shinobi let loose another onslaught of attacks but when the smoke clears, they realise that they had attacked a mirage again. Seemingly irate at them attacking mirages, the Mizukage tells them to attack the clam and upon trying again, the attack phases through the clam as well. Getting nowhere, the shinobi stand in confusion as how to deal with the situation. As several shinobi of the Fourth Division bear down on him, Temari uses the Wind Release: Cast Net technique to cut the Raikage and calls for the Sealing Team to seal him immediately. Gaara spots Mū behind Ōnoki, who strains his back from the impact. Mū prepares to attack, and Gaara notices a Rasengan behind Mū.

Naruto's clone attempts to attack Mū from behind using a Planetary Rasengan, however the Tsuchikage just senses him and avoids the attack. Acting quickly, Gaara created a platform of sand for Naruto to shoot a chakra arm to to stable himself, and just as Mū began a counter attack with his Dust Release, Naruto used another chakra arm to launch the Planetary Rasengan right into his chest, sending the Second through a rock pillar into the ground. Ōnoki flew over and used the Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique to immobilise his former mentor before he could regenerate, and Gaara finished him off using his sand and a Sealing Tag, despite Mū warning them of something. At another part of the battle, the Second Mizukage had defeated several shinobi around him, commenting that he might be just too strong. Temari and those with her learned the Third Raikage's background, as well as the fact they needed a powerful Wind Release user to take him down due to his insane endurance. Naruto arrived, saying he was that user, and leaped into the air and blinded the Third Raikage with sunlight that was reflected off his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode to begin an attack.

Naruto attacks the Third Raikage with Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, missing twice but using his Chakra Arms to redirect it to a nearly point-blank strike which connects. The Third Raikage is sent flying back and is engulfed in the massive wind dome that is created by the Rasenshuriken, and Temari instructs the Sealing Team to move in thinking the fight is over. However, the Raikage isn't finished and he cuts the cloth set to bind him, and immediately charges up his Lightning Release Armour again to begin a counter attack. Dodai instructs the Earth Release users to make a wall, which he makes more durable with Lava Release: Rubber Wall. The Third Raikage smashes through with the Hell Stab, his strongest attack which demolishes the wall, but is momentarily stalled by Dodai's technique. Not heading the Kumo ninja's warning, dozens of Allied Shinobi go to attack the Third Raikage and he tears through them. Learning that the only time that the Third Raikage was injured was from the Eight-Tails, Naruto begins forming the Tailed Beast Rasengan to counter.

Despite attempting the Tailed Beast Rasengan, Naruto fails to form it fully and is forced out of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Kabuto focuses all of the Third Raikage's attacks on Naruto, attempting to knock him out with a punch. However, Dodai saves him with Lava Release: Rubber Ball, and Naruto asked the Eight-Tails how he defeated the Third Raikage. When he learned that both fought each other to a stand still, and the Third Raikage had only been injured after he fell. Suspecting what had happened, he entered Sage Mode and created a Rasengan, meeting the Third's nukite charge. Using Sage Mode's chakra sensing, as well as Frog Kata he dodged the one-finger nukite strike and slammed his Rasengan into the Third Raikage's arm, making him impale himself with his own attack. Before the Third Raikage could regenerate, he was sealed. Elsewhere, Gaara faces the Second Mizukage alone, his Shield of Sand failing against him.

Gaara notices how the Mizukage's oil is nullifying his sand as he uses his Sand Sensing to find the Giant Clam. After locating it, the Third Tsuchikage uses Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique combined with Earth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock Technique to destroy it, revealing the Mizukage's real body. Ōnoki throws out his back, rendering him immobile as the Mizukage uses Water Release: Water Gun to shoot him in the neck. The Third is shown to be a sand clone, which then envelopes the Mizukage. The Second starts to wash away the sand with oil, but Gaara layers the sand into a large pyramid. Then, upon attempting to seal the Mizukage, the pyramid explodes due to Steaming Danger Tyranny. It starts hailing, shrinking the Mizukage's clone, but a member of the Fourth Division senses the Mizukage, because he's no longer a mirage. The clone wreaks havoc, and as Gaara again uses Desert Layered Imperial Funeral, the clone removes the sealing tag and explodes. Gaara protected his division, and appeared before the Mizukage and his clone. The clone attacks Gaara, slicing him, but is shown to have sliced another sand clone. Gaara uses his father's gold dust, mixed in with the sand clone, along with the clone's heat, to fuse the gold to its body. The clone then finds the real Gaara, and tries to attack him, only to be stopped by Gaara's sand and stopped from exploding. The Fifth explains that the gold not only slowed the clone down, but acted as a thermal conductor to draw heat away from the body. With that, the Mizukage is sealed.

In the rubble of a smashed pillar, a damaged Mū stands up. He reveals that he split his body in two, and that only half of him was sealed. He tries to remove the tags from his other half, but the seal is too strong in his weakened state. He then performs a summoning, summoning Madara Uchiha.

Battle against the Dōjutsu Duo

Location: Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: Nagato, Itachi Uchiha (beginning), Giant Drill-Beaked Bird, Giant Multi-Headed Dog, Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon
Allied Shinobi Forces: Naruto Uzumaki, Killer B, Itachi Uchiha (later)
Manga: Chapter #548 to #552
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #298 to #299
Outcome: Itachi is freed from Kabuto's control. Nagato is sealed by the Sword of Totsuka. Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

When Nagato and Itachi encounter Naruto and Killer B, Kabuto planned to capture and use them to further blackmail Tobi, deciding to kill the jinchūriki temporarily and store their souls by Nagato in the King of Hell and then revive them later. The battle reveals some truth on Itachi's mission and much to his chagrin, Itachi learns that Sasuke has turned to Tobi instead of returning to Konoha. With this, the battle begins with Nagato (forcefully) summoning his bird and multi-headed dog to battle Naruto. Itachi battles both Naruto and B. Itachi eventually activates his Mangekyō Sharingan. The crow Itachi had placed inside Naruto comes out using Kotoamatsukami on Itachi placing him on Naruto and B's side. Itachi also freed himself of Kabuto's control. Itachi then uses Amaterasu on the summonings and Nagato himself.

Nagato uses Shinra Tensei to blow out the flames, and Kabuto removes Nagato's personality, making him more offensive in battle. Nagato hides in the chameleon summon and attacks them with a powerful Shinra Tensei. Nagato tries to attack B but B enters his Version 2 form and attacks him with a Lariat. Nagato uses the Preta Path's ability to absorb B's chakra which leads Nagato to regain a youthful appearance. When Naruto comes to help, Nagato grabs hold of him and begins to remove his soul.

Naruto tries to escape by attacking Nagato with a Rasengan but he absorbs it. B tries to cut Nagato to save Naruto, but he stops him using two extra arms that grows from his shoulder and almost succeeds in removing Naruto's soul and destroying B until Itachi intercepts him using his Susanoo and attacks the summonings' eyes making them disappear. Nagato proceeds to use Chibaku Tensei to trap the three but is stopped by the combined effort of Itachi's Yasaka Magatama, B's Tailed Beast Ball and Naruto's Wind Release: Rasenshuriken to destroy the sphere at the centre of the attack. As the smoke clears, Nagato finds himself impaled by Susanoo's Sword of Totsuka and his personality returns. Itachi then seals him but not before Nagato gives his last words to Naruto telling him that he was part of a trilogy that included Jiraiya and himself and to correct the wrongs that he had done during his lifetime.

Itachi finishes sealing Nagato. Kabuto expresses frustration on Nagato's sealing, believing that his amplified field of vision would compensate his impaired mobility, though Itachi managed to exploit its blindspots. Kabuto considers using his trump card. Itachi says he has a plan and will handle the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique, but Naruto insists on fighting on his own, but begins feeling the effects of extended use of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Itachi reminds Naruto that he shouldn't forget the people who supported him, that doing things on his own will lead to failure. Killer B tells Naruto about his promise to Iruka to keep Naruto safe. Itachi incinerates the crow and Shisui's Sharingan along with it, as it would take another decade before its power could be used again and then leaves.

Second Southern Battle in the Land of Lightning

Location: Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: Madara Uchiha and 's other half
Allied Shinobi Forces: A clone of Naruto Uzumaki, Ōnoki, A (later), Mei Terumī (later), Tsunade (later), the Hokage Guard Platoon (later) and part of the Fourth Division with its Commander Gaara
Manga: Chapter #559 to #600
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #321 to #343
Outcome: Heavy Allied Shinobi casualties. All Kage critically wounded. Mū released from the Impure World Reincarnation. Madara severed contract with technique and rendezvous with Tobi. Akatsuki victory.

With the state of the war rapidly deteriorating, Kabuto used to summon his trump card; Madara Uchiha. Mū led Madara to the battlefield to engage the Fourth Division. Taking control of Mū's body, Kabuto informs Madara of the new situation and informs the man of his supposedly enhanced power. To prove that his power is his own, Madara attacked the Fourth Division alone. When his fire techniques are countered by a group water techniques. Switching to close range, Madara defeated several shinobi before Ōnoki and Naruto's surprise attack forced Madara to activate his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and blocking his Susanoo. Despite this, the combined efforts of Gaara, Ōnoki, and Naruto forced him to activate his Rinnegan to absorb the powerful Rasenshuriken. Kabuto speculates that the Rinnegan was the natural evolution of the Sharingan and again informs Madara of his modifications. Madara again declared that the power was his and summoned a giant meteorite to obliterate the battlefield. As Gaara orders a full retreat, Ōnoki successfully slowed the meteorite, but Madara quickly summoned a second, levelling the battlefield and wiping out most of the Fourth Division.

As Madara and Mū regenerated and surveyed the carnage, Naruto's clone was protected by Dodai, while Ōnoki suffered great injury. Using this quiet moment to his advantage, Madara attempted to summon the Nine-Tails, but learns that it is still sealed within its jinchūriki Naruto. With the Nine-Tails denied to him, Madara attacked the survivors with Hashirama Senju's Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees. Before the Division could suffer any more damage, the Nine-Tails loaned Naruto enough chakra to counter Madara's Wood Release. With the clone's chakra almost spent, Ōnoki moves in to challenge Madara himself. Having felt the disturbance of caused by the meteorite, A and Tsunade used Mabui's Heavenly Transfer Technique and the Hokage Guard Platoon used the Flying Thunder God Technique to transport Mei Terumī to the battlefield to confront the legendary shinobi.

As Tsunade healed Ōnoki and Gaara, A and Mei go on the offensive against Madara while Dodai and the Hokage Guard Platoon fought Kabuto/Mū. A and Mei's offensive impressed Madara, who launched powerful offensive against the group, but stopped by a combination of Gaara's and Ōnoki's defences. Mei then obscured Madara's Rinnegan using the Hiding in Mist Technique, to allow Ōnoki to climb on A's back to lower his weight to make him faster, and increase it the weight of his fists to make him stronger. In doing so he incapacitated Mū with one powerful hit, followed by A punching through Madara's Susanoo, sending him flying a great distance away from the survivors. Wanting to use this opportunity, Naruto asked Tsunade to heal his clone as well. However, the Five Kage told Naruto that Madara is the Kage's battle and that he should focus his efforts on Tobi. The Kage continue their battle with Madara, discovering that Kabuto's main enhancement to Madara was the near complete fusion of Hashirama's cells into Madara's body. In doing so created what Madara to believe a living legend. Madara was able to use this enhanced power to poison the Five Kage at once, but they were saved from long lasting damage by Ōnoki's Dust Release.

Tsunade joined the offensive and with her added strength, seemed to overwhelm Madara giving Gaara enough time to seal him. However, they only sealed a wood clone, with the real Madara impaling Tsunade with Susanoo. To Madara's surprise, Tsunade snaps Susanoo's Sword and uses it to attack him. Madara rebuffs the attack with Yasaka Magatama, and notices that Tsunade's technique allows her to heal herself without hand-seals. Ōnoki attacks with his Dust Release, recalling how it destroyed Madara's shoulder earlier, but Madara simply uses the Rinnegan's power to absorb the technique, claiming that he only allowed himself to be hit earlier to show them Hashirama's face on his shoulder, to instil hopelessness in them, despite it only motivating them to fight. Tsunade taunts Madara that they had cornered him, forcing him to use a clone. Madara notes it's five against one, and Mei points out that they're not cowards, that going five against one shows they acknowledge his powers, that he is Madara Uchiha. Madara says he doesn't think them to be cowards, and creates twenty-five wood clones, five for each Kage and continued his assault.

Having beat four of the five Kage into a corner, Ōnoki's words of encouragement spurred the Kage into action. By throwing a massive wave of Dust Release and lightning-infused Water Release mixed with sand, they destroyed all of Madara's wood clones, and came close to sealing him, claiming this was the true power of the five Kage. Madara replied by revealing his Susanoo's perfect form. Then, to show how futile it was to fight him, Madara demonstrates his true power by destroying a mountain range with a single slash of his Susanoo sword. Just as he was about to strike the Kage with what was potentially a final blow, Susanoo disperses and Madara himself starts deconstructing. However, before being completely released from the Impure World Reincarnation, Madara revealed the he had released his contract with the technique, giving him an immortal body. However Madara has lost interest in the fight after having dispelled his perfect Susanoo, and refused to summon it again. Deciding instead to go after Naruto, Ōnoki blocks his path before the immortal could leave. The rest of the battle was unseen, but Madara was able to critically wound the five Kage, rendezvousing with Tobi in his battle against the Allied Shinobi.

First Battle against the Eye of the Moon Plan

Location: Land of Lightning and Kamui's dimension
Akatsuki: Tobi, the reincarnated jinchūriki, six of the sealed Tailed Beasts, Demonic Statue of the Outer Path (later), the reincarnated Madara Uchiha (later)
Allied Shinobi Forces: Naruto Uzumaki, Killer B, Kakashi Hatake (later), Might Guy (later)
Manga: Chapter #563 to #609
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #323 onwards
Outcome: Matatabi, Isobu, Son Gokū, Kokuō, Saiken and Chōmei are resealed within the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Yugito Nii, Yagura, Rōshi, Han, Utakata, and and are released from the Impure World Reincarnation. Revival of the Ten-Tails. Tactical Akatsuki victory.

Instructed to win by the Five Kage, Naruto Uzumaki and Killer B intercept and confront Tobi directly, who was pursuing them with his Six Paths of Pain. Upon encountering, Tobi and Naruto head-butted each other, sending them both reeling. Tobi then orders his Paths to attack Naruto and B, who discover that the reincarnated jinchūriki have access to all their powers in life, but enhanced by the power of the Sharingan and Rinnegan. Vowing to defeat the other Madara and this "masked Madara", Naruto swore he would tear his mask off and end his Eye of the Moon Plan. Tobi responded by having his Paths undergo partial transformations of their tailed beasts and continued his assault.

During B's offensive, which effortlessly dodged due to her shared sight, Naruto concludes that Tobi must be controlling his Paths the same way Nagato controlled his; chakra receivers embedded somewhere in their bodies. B having found one on Yugito while admiring her chest, led the two to believe that all the receivers were located on the jinchūriki's chests. Naruto attempted to destroy one such receiver in Rōshi's chest, but was stopped by Han, leading the Eight-Tails to advise them to do something about the dense forest obscuring their vision, being no determent to Tobi. B responds by transforming into the Eight-Tails and clearing the the area, forming a large barren battlefield. With the jinchūriki revealed, B attempted to restrain them while they removed the chakra receivers, but each exploded into their Version 2 forms, with Tobi commanding them to attack. With their enhanced powers, the six jinchūriki repel Naruto and B's offensive, leading to B getting wounded by a fully transformed Han and Naruto restrained by Yagura's attack. Using this to his advantage, Tobi dives onto B to grab and warp away Naruto before he is interrupted by Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy, who were observing the battle and waiting for Tobi to make himself vulnerable before attacking.

Using this opportunity, the Five-Tails attempted to attack Tobi as he was distracted, but was quickly subdued. This led to the Nine and Eight-Tails to start a discussion on their treatment while Kakashi and Guy deduced that Tobi will be unable to use the unique abilities of the Six Paths due to the difficulty of controlling the tailed beasts. With B still incapacitated, Kakashi and Guy hold off three of the jinchūriki after saving Naruto from being captured by Tobi. Tobi used this time to force Utakata and Rōshi to fully transform into their tailed beasts, with the resulting confusion splitting the Allied Shinobi up. The Four-Tails flings B away and Naruto almost falls into the beast's mouth, before the Nine-Tails gave Naruto enough chakra to replenish the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Despite this, Naruto is forced into the beast's mouth, but instead finds himself within the Four-Tails' subconsciousness. Son Gokū, the Four-Tails, impressed by Naruto's desire to help the tailed beasts, gave Naruto the task of removing the chakra receiver from Rōshi's body which could save him. After filling Son with a large number of shadow clones which forces the beast to regurgitate him, he leaves a single shadow clone in Sage Mode inside the beast's mouth. After finding the location of the receiver from the outside as well, Naruto forced it out of the beast's neck, but it did not result in Son Gokū's freedom. Further impressed by Naruto's genuine concern, he leaves Naruto a parting gift before Tobi is forced to reseal it back into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, leaving Rōshi incapacitated.

With one of his Paths defeated, Tobi forced the others to fully transform. As the Two, Three, Five, Six, and Seven-Tails move in to attack Kakashi and Guy, the Nine-Tails and Naruto make peace with each other, with Naruto melding his chakra with fox and declaring that him and Kurama were partners. In doing so, the tide of the battle dramatically turned as Naruto had full access to Kurama's power. Using his new Tailed Beast Mode, Naruto was able to overpower the other five tailed beasts and after once again diving into the subconscious of the tailed beasts, removes the stakes, forcing Tobi to reseal all his thralled beasts back into the Demonic Statue. With his Six Paths defeated, Tobi moved in to fight personally. This information reached the Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters, who called for all available ninja to reinforce Naruto and B in their battle with the "masked Madara".

As time goes by the battle goes against Tobi, and is provoked by Naruto to reveal his true face. Tobi in response summons a tentacle of Gyūki and the stolen Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths, Benihisago and Kohaku no Jōhei containing Kinkaku and Ginkaku (who possesses Kurama's chakra), and throws them into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, revealing the final two eyes have opened. After Kurama and B explains how Tobi managed to get a small portion of the remaining tailed beasts chakra, the Nine-Tails explains how it is enough to partially revive the Ten-Tails, and that their only chance of defeating it is now. When Tobi says that a partially revived Ten-Tails is all he needs to carry out the plan, Naruto enters his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and tries to attack the Statue. However he is blocked by the masked man's skilful use of his gunbai.

As the Statue undergoes its transformation, Naruto and Guy fight Tobi, while Kakashi, with B's support went for the Statue using Kamui. However Tobi manages to somehow nullify Kakashi's technique, all the while fighting Naruto who used his chakra arms and the Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball, and Guy who was using Sōshūga. Unfortunately for the Allied Shinobi Force ninja's, with a combination of Space–Time Migration and his gunbai, the masked man managed to defend himself and the Statue, even when Kakashi joined Naruto's and Guy's assault. However, though the Konoha's shinobi's attacks at first glance seem ineffective, even to them, it is revealed to come to fruition when a crack appears on Tobi's mask. Based on that crack in the mask Kakashi came up with a theory regarding Tobi's ability. B tries too use this opening to attack the Statue but Tobi protects it with a barrier. Kakashi then comes up with a battle strategy to test his theory, having B launch them, Guy distract Tobi and Naruto attack with Rasengan. When the Rasengan somehow hit the masked man after Kamui was used on it, Kakashi then claims to understand Tobi's true ability.

After Kakashi explains how the masked man's technique works, Tobi once again repeats his rhetoric of a useless reality before Naruto attacks him, though Kakashi was slowed down by the notion that Tobi got his right eye at the Kannabi Bridge during the third war. Guy snaps Kakashi out of his slump and together they forms a plan. By forcing Tobi to dodge a massive Tailed Beast Ball, found himself unable to dodge one of Naruto's clones warped to the other dimension earlier in their assault. The clone destroyed his masked revealing Tobi's true identity; Obito Uchiha. His identity revealed hardly slowing down, he attacked the stunned Kakashi, though Naruto nullified the attack with Kurama's tails. Moments later after having critically wounding the five Kage, Madara Uchiha rendezvouses with Obito, who gave him back his gunbai. After demonstrating his skill with the fan by effortlessly protecting Obito and himself from giant chakra receivers Naruto thrown at the two of them and then countering a down-sized Tailed Beast Ball, Madara tells Obito he would deal with the jinchūriki and leave the Konoha-nin to him. As the battle continues, B and Guy are left injured, while Naruto struggles with Madara, who manages to pin Naruto down with a wood dragon. Kakashi falters against Obito, unable to adequately fight back, until Naruto's resolve that none of his friends are worthless, reinvigorates both himself and Guy. The jōnin attack their adversaries with Lightning Cutter and Daytime Tiger respectively. Though the Daytime Tiger puts Guy out of commission, it does temporarily remove Madara from the battle. With Naruto's clone and Kakashi gaining the upper hand against Obito, Killer B and Naruto fired a massive Tailed Beast Ball at the Demonic Statue, hoping to destroy before the transformation was complete. Though the statue's chakra vanished, Obito heralds the return of the Ten-Tails.

Battle against the Impure World Reincarnation Technique

Location: Mountains' Graveyard
Akatsuki: Kabuto Yakushi
Other: Itachi Uchiha (freed from Kabuto's control and allied with the Allied Forces) and Sasuke Uchiha (temporary alliance with Itachi).
Manga: Chapter #578 to #589
Anime: Naruto: Shippūden #333 to #339
Outcome: Kabuto is trapped in a genjutsu and unable to fight. All reincarnated shinobi (except Madara Uchiha) are released. Tactical Allied Shinobi Forces victory.

After being freed from Kabuto's control, Itachi set off to find him and stop the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique that Kabuto was using. Itachi easily found Kabuto, but he was followed by Sasuke whom he met on the way. Though Kabuto tried to get Sasuke on his side, the young Uchiha chose to fight alongside his older brother. Knowing that Impure World Reincarnation wouldn't end if Kabuto died, Itachi chose to defeat him without killing him and ordered Sasuke to do the same. After Kabuto covered his face with his hood in order to prevent himself from being caught in one of the Uchiha's ocular-based genjutsu, he attacked the Uchiha brothers with enlarged snakes. However, Sasuke and Itachi fended off the attack using their Susanoo. As Itachi grabbed the attacking reptiles, Sasuke decapitated their heads. Sasuke then took the chance to rip the hood off of Kabuto with the Susanoo, and is shocked to see that he had escaped within one of the fleeing snakes. Quickly realising the snake's attempt to flee, Sasuke drew his sword and threw it at one of the fleeing snakes, pinning it to the wall. However, much to Sasuke's surprise, the snake liquefied and removed itself from the blade. Kabuto, still hiding in a snake, revealed that he has researched and modified techniques and abilities from the Hōzuki, Uzumaki and Jūgo's clans. When Sasuke realises which snake Kabuto was hiding in, he took the opportunity to launch an arrow at Kabuto using the Susanoo Bow, despite Itachi's warnings to not use full force. Much to Sasuke's horror, Kabuto had managed to narrowly dodge the attack. Emerging from the snake Kabuto announced that he had trained in senjutsu at the Ryūchi Cave under the White Snake Sage, and have thus evolved from a "snake" into a "dragon", much to Itachi's surprise.

Kabuto began his counter attack by using the Sage Art: White Rage Technique, which neutralised the brothers' senses. Kabuto then attempted to capture Sasuke, but was stopped after Itachi protected his younger brother with the Susanoo. After Kabuto once again attempted to persuade Sasuke to join him, he praised Itachi for being a genius at lying, which greatly angered Itachi's younger brother. Sasuke attempted to strike Kabuto with his Chidori Sharp Spear, but failed due to Kabuto's quick reactions, which resulted in him jumping onto the ceiling. Itachi then asked Sasuke if he remembered the strategy they used while on a mission as children to hunt down a wild boar. When Sasuke replied that he did, they both formed their Susanoo's and prepared to attack. Itachi launched Yasaka Magatama at Kabuto as a distraction, while Sasuke fired another arrow from the Susanoo Bow, which managed to pin Kabuto's snake-tail to the ceiling. As Kabuto attempted to cut the tail using Sasuke's discarded sword, Itachi intercepted him, only to be stabbed by Kabuto. However, Kabuto really stabbed one of the Itachi's crow clones, while the real Itachi took the sword and managed to cut off one of Kabuto's horns. After a brief argument with Kabuto, Itachi informs his brother that he is about to use one of their clan's signature Dojutsu to end the battle. Though Sasuke initially believes he is talking about Izanagi, Itachi corrects him, as he clashes with Kabuto while wielding Sasuke's sword, stating that he was about to initiate Izanami, a technique that decides one's destiny. After the clash, Kabuto attacked the two Uchihas with Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation, which caused the cave formations to attack them. Since Itachi used his Susanoo to protect Sasuke from the attack, he was incapacitated between the rocks. As Kabuto rushed over to Itachi in order to rewrite Itachi's mind, Sasuke used the Amaterasu to create a ring of flames to stop Kabuto from coming any closer. A regenerated Itachi informed Kabuto that he reminded him of himself and that he was destined to fail. Kabuto retorted that they knew nothing about him and began reminiscing about his past.

After Kabuto had finished reminiscing, Sakon emerged from the base of Kabuto's naval snake and used his Attack of the Twin Demons technique to transform into Jirobo, who uses his Earth Release: Earth Shore Return technique to split the earth so Sasuke's previous Amaterasu does not pose a threat to Kabuto. Giving the Uchiha brothers no time to react to the current events, Jirobo transforms into Kidomaru, who uses the Spider Web Unrolling technique to trap the brothers. After Sasuke informs Itachi that blades won't work against the web, they both use Amaterasu to incinerate the uncuttable trap. Kabuto races behind them and produces Kimimaro who uses the Dance of the Seedling Fern technique to block the area behind, while also creating another web, which effectively traps the brothers in one secluded area. After they both manifest their Susanoo, Itachi uses his Susanoo Sword to deal with Kimimaro's bones, while Sasuke uses Blaze Release: Susanoo Kagutsuchi to deal with Kidomaru's web. Once the web has been destroyed the Uchiha brothers flee to the back of the cave, while Kabuto forms Tayuya next and has her use her Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains genjutsu technique, which incapacitates Sasuke and Itachi. Finally, Kabuto produces Orochimaru, who transforms into his white snake form and attacks the brothers. In order to escape Tayuya's auditory genjutsu, Itachi uses Tsukuyomi on Sasuke, while Sasuke uses Genjutsu: Sharingan on Itachi, which effectively cancels out Tayuya's technique. Just as Orochimaru is about to attack the two Uchihas, they both manifest Susanoo and defeat the snake. However, Kabuto, who was hiding in Orochimaru's mouth, emerges from the defeated snake and bisects Itachi, much to Sasuke's horror.

As Kabuto moved in to rewrite Itachi's mind, Sasuke threw his sword at Kabuto, but it was caught by Kabuto's naval-snake. Sasuke then attempted to capture Kabuto using his Susanoo arm, but Kabuto jumped to the ceiling. Sasuke then attacked Kabuto with Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, which was countered by Kabuto's Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique, which swept Sasuke off his feet. Through the mist of the two clashing techniques, Itachi had regenerated and attacked Kabuto, but was stabbed with Sasuke's sword. He then disappeared into a flurry of crows, while the real Itachi took the sword and once again cut off Kabuto's horn. Kabuto, who had realised the same attack pattern as earlier, questioned how this was possible, stating that it was impossible for him to be under a genjutsu, though Itachi stated that he was already under one. The same sequence of events continued to occur with Kabuto noticing little to no variation in the outcome. Kabuto ultimately realised that the battle was occurring in his head and that he had been caught in Izanami, which Itachi had activated after his first crow clone was destroyed. As Kabuto's body remains motionless while his mind was trapped in an infinite loop, Itachi opened Kabuto's eyes and proceeds to cast another Sharingan genjutsu to compel Kabuto to reveal the hand seals needed to cancel Impure World Reincarnation and then had him execute the release. As a result, the army Kabuto assembled for Tobi fades away with the exception of the real Madara Uchiha, who severed his contract with the summoner to remain reincarnated.

Night Two

Battle against the Ten-Tails

Location: Land of Lightning and Kamui's dimension
Akatsuki: Obito Uchiha (defected), the reincarnated Madara Uchiha, the Ten-Tails, Black Zetsu (later)
Allied Shinobi Forces: Naruto Uzumaki, Killer B, Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, All avaliable divisions of the Allied Forces (later), the four reincarnated Hokage (later), the five Kage (later)
Independent: Taka (later), Orochimaru (later), the seven tailed beasts (later)
Manga: Chapter #610 to #656
Outcome: Allied Shinobi Forces' Headquarters destroyed. Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, Ao, Mabui, Neji Hyūga and hundreds of shinobi are killed. Obito becomes the host of Ten-Tails. The seven tailed beasts are released from Obito. Madara is immobilised. Obito is forced to resurrect Madara by force. Allied Shinobi Forces tactical victory. Akatsuki strategic victory.

Despite Obito's desire to start the plan, Madara instead notes it will take some time to summon the moon and chooses to remove the Allied Shinobi threat first. Kurama takes Guy, Naruto, and Kakashi in to replenish their chakra. They then come up with a plan to hit the Ten-Tails with a point blank Tailed Beast Ball, but it was easily countered. The Uchiha decide to finish their enemies, so as to carry out their plan, just as the jinchūriki and the Konohagakure ninja's just about reach their own limit. However, they are saved in the nick of time by Ino Yamanaka's Mind Body Switch Technique which diverted the attack. The arrival of several other shinobi masked their presence until all available Allied Shinobi Forces arrived to aid them in the battle against the Ten-Tails.

After Naruto delays the enemy from attacking, the Allied Shinobi came up with a plan as directed by Shikaku Nara, to effectively blind and restrain the Ten-Tails and its controllers. The plan is successful, and though Uchiha were impressed by the teamwork of the five villages, they dismiss there efforts as worthless, as before the Allied Shinobi can reach them, the Ten-Tails reaches a more mature form, sending all the Allied Shinobi back with a violent explosion. Madara and Obito then had the beast aim Tailed-Beast Balls randomly, destroying a far away village before cutting off the Allied Shinobi's intelligence by wiping out their Headquarters. With the HQ destroyed, the Allied Shinobi scramble into the last formation Shikaku planned, to which Naruto would be instrumental. They were forced to scatter when Obito directed the Ten-Tails to barrage their ranks with wooden stakes, several of which impaled and killed Neji Hyūga. When Obito fails to break Naruto's spirit thanks to Hinata and Kurama with the massacre he just caused, he had the Ten-Tails aim a Tailed Beast Ball at point blank range. However, it was stopped when B transformed into the Eight-Tails, stuffed its own ball back into the Ten-Tails mouth with his own Tailed Beast Ball, and finally detonated both inside the giant beasts body causing the beast to collapse in pain. With the Ten-Tails temporarily subdued, Naruto re-entered Tailed Beast Mode to continue the battle.

Naruto then creates shadow clones and starts distributing his chakra to the remaining Allied Shinobi Forces ninja still capable of fighting. While he does this, the freshly revived members of the Nara, Yamanaka and Akimichi clans stall the enemies using their Formation Ino–Shika–Chō as according to Shikaku's strategy. When Naruto completes spreading his chakra to his allies, the Uchiha's attempt to stop their opponents by using the tails of the beast to trap them. However this fails, as the Allied Forces Ninja cut through the 'bars', and crashes into the beast, while Naruto and Rock Lee targets the Uchiha, managing to sever their connection with the Ten-Tails. The battle continues with Naruto using his chakra cloak to protect the rest of the army from the Uchiha while the Ten-Tails gathers energy. Madara stopped for a moment as he sensed Hashirama Senju's presence, just as the unrestrained Ten-Tails further develops and prepares to use Tenpenchii. Before Kakashi could warp the beast away, Obito intercepts him and warps them both to the other dimension. Kakashi told Naruto he would leave the rest to him as the Ten-Tails devastates the battlefield.

Despite the destruction, Naruto managed to protect the ninja he cloaked, but at the cost of almost all his chakra. The Ten-Tails then notices Naruto, and becomes enraged after seeing a resemblance between him and the Sage of the Six Paths. As the beast prepares for a new technique, the remaining shinobi surrounds Naruto in order to protect and heal him. Meanwhile in the other dimension, Kakashi and Obito disengage, with the Konoha ninja acting first and immediately attack with the Lightning Cutter, but stops short. Kakashi tries to reason with his old friend, but Obito refuses, explaining how he knows about the truth of Rin's death, while impaling himself on the Lightning Cutter. As he steps back, revealing the gaping hole in his chest, Obito states that Kakashi need not feel guilty or hold back, since what he is now was created by the cruel ninja world.

To counter the Ten-Tails biggest Tailed Beast Ball yet, Shikamaru has all the remaining Allied Ninja's create a several layered earth wall defence, as well as using the Gyūki's power in order to redirect the attack. These countermeasures nearly fail, but just as the attack nearly reaches them, it is blocked by the timely arrival of the recently reincarnated Minato. The other 3 reincarnated Hokage soon follow, and after Minato activates his chakra cloak, they quickly restrict the Ten-Tails' movements with Four Red Yang Formation and Sage Art: Gate of the Great God. Sasuke and Jūgo then arrive to assist the Allied Shinobi. Despite the Ten-Tails' effort, the barrier held as Hashirama made several clones, creating four openings in the barrier briefly allowing the Allied Forces to charge the tailed beast. In response, the Ten-Tails spawns miniature clones of itself to protect it. Madara, who was uninterested in fighting a wood clone, choose to sit out the current fight until Hashirama was ready.

As the Alliance fought their way through the clones, they discovered that the Ten-Tails is nearing its final transformation and its protectors were getting stronger the closer they got to it. When an aerial attack failed, Sai concluded that they would need to eliminate the larger protectors first, but they had no way to close that distance quickly and if they did they would have no way to heal as the medical team would not be able to reach the front line. On hearing this, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura decided to summon a snake, toad and slug respectively to deal with each issue accordingly. As Sasuke and Aoda slithered through the Ten-Tails' defences, Naruto and Gamakichi jumped high into the air to land in position. Meanwhile Sakura had Katsuyu split and attach to the remaining members of the Alliance to heal them at once. When Sasuke got into position, he aimed a flaming arrow at the Ten-Tails as Naruto threw a giant Rasenshuriken, combining the two techniques and damaging the Ten-Tails until it simply removed the burning appendage.

Kakashi and Obito continue their battle in the Kamui dimension, first through genjutsu and then physical combat. Resolving to protect Naruto and the will of Obito's past self, he pierces Obito with a chakra coated kunai, wounding him heavily. Having lost the battle, but not the war, Obito warps himself back to the physical world where Madara takes note of his wounded state. Viewing him as expendable, Madara prepares his own ressurection by activating the black rods in Obito's body to force him to use the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Despite the efforts of the First, Second, and Fourth Hokage and Sasuke, Obito managed to resist Madara's control, foiling his attempts at revival and making himself the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. Taking advantage of their conditions, the First, Second and Third Hokage attack Obito in an attempt to assess an analyse his new abilities. Madara growing impatient challenges Hashirama's as Obito begins to gain ground against the others. It quickly became apparent that Obito was having difficulties controlling the Ten-Tails as he attempted to destroy parts of his own body. Before Naruto, Sasuke and Minato could capitalise on this however Obito gained full control of his new power, attacking a sphere of chakra to Minato's shoulder and detonating it when he was close to Naruto and Sasuke. A clone of Tobirama grabs the orb and destroys himself in an attempt to kill Obito. Elsewhere on the battlefield, deciding that the time of waiting is over, Madara battles Hashirama in an epic clash with the Allied Shinobi Forces in awe before Shikamaru uses Ino to contact their allies to not lose focus for a second.

By that time, having used the substance to avoid being consumed in the explosion, an unscathed Obito deflects an impulsive Sasuke's Amaterasu before Naruto aids his friend so the two could make an opening for Minato and Tobirama. With the Second and Fourth Hokage preparing for collaborated Space-Time Ninjutsu before Tobirama appears behind Obito, Sasuke and Naruto rush forth with a Kagutsuchi-infused Rasenshuriken. Expecting to be attacked by the Second Hokage, Obito learns he fell for a trap as Minato suddenly has the Rasenshuriken and takes Tobirama's place to attack Obito from behind. However, this strategy also proved to be useless against the newest jinchūriki who uses the black orbs to get rid of the flames. In a last-ditch effort to help before disappearing, Gamakichi fires of a natural energy infused Starch Syrup Gun, which was again blocked by Obito. Noticing that the technique was only blocked and not annihilated like the others, Naruto enters Sage Mode, and with help from Tobirama, lands a senjutsu-enhanced Rasengan on Obito. Wishing to end the battle quickly in order to act out the Eye of Moon plan, Obito then creates a giant tree which begins to charge up four large Tailed Beast Balls, while trapping all his enemies within a barrier. However, Naruto came up with a plan that would link Kurama's Yin and Yang halves, strengthening the chakra shroud around the shinobi army, and by linking his chakra with Minato's, allow the Fourth to use the Flying Thunder God on everyone touched by Naruto's chakra, warping them out of the barrier to safety. With the rest of the army out of harms way, Naruto, powered by senjutsu and Kurama's chakra, and Minato returned to the offensive and attempted to attack Obito, though this attempt ultimately failed to do any real damage. Choosing to move ahead with his plan, Obito transforms into the Ten-Tails' final form, a giant tree capable of absorbing chakra from anyone it touches. Having killed many shinobi for their chakra, Obito prepared to have the bud at the top bloom to initiate the plan, though Madara notes this will take at least fifteen minutes without the Eight and Nine-Tails' chakra. While Hashirama, with assistance from Ino, attempts to convince the Allied Shinobi Forces to not give up, Sasuke does the same for Naruto by attacking the Shinju. With his resolve restored, Naruto and Sasuke attack Obito.

Soon after, the five Kage arrive to the battlefield and take direct command of their respective villagers. With the aid of members of the Konoha 11, Naruto and Sasuke broke through Obito's defenses, slicing through him before he could use Sword of Nunoboko to initiate his plan. The blow forced the chakra of the sealed tailed beast to react to Naruto, ripping them from Obito's body. Naruto with the help of the Alliance took hold of the chakra to separate them from Obito, with Big Ball Rasenshuriken taking Shukaku and Gyūki's chakra respectively. After a short mental discussion between Naruto and Obito, the Allied Shinobi successfully stripped Obito of the tailed beasts. With Obito defeated and at Minato's urging, the rest of the shinobi forces moved to the next priority: sealing Madara Uchiha. Naruto launched his Big Ball Rasenshuriken towards Madara, who was immobilised by Hashirama's technique. This created an opening for Hashirama to pin down Madara , with the Alliance moving forward to seal him. Before they could get the chance, Black Zetsu grabbed the paralysed Obito and forced him to revive Madara.

Second Battle against the Eye of the Moon Plan

Location: Land of Lightning
Akatsuki: Madara Uchiha, Black Zetsu (controlling Obito Uchiha), White Zetsu clones (later), Demonic Statue of the Outer Path (later), Spiral Zetsu (later)
Allied Shinobi Forces: All available divisions of the Allied Forces, the four reincarnated Hokage
Independent: Taka, Orochimaru, the seven tailed beasts
Manga: Chapter #657 onwards
Outcome: Ongoing. The nine tailed beasts are resealed within the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha are both incapacitated, Madara becomes the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki.

Though newly resurrected Madara Uchiha was brought back in his peak, he was reborn without his eyes, having placed his original set into Nagato. However using chakra sensing, he was able to quickly grab and absorb senjutsu chakra from Hashirama, who was immobilised by chakra receivers, causing the Hashirama construct on his chest to activate Sage Mode. After a brief battle with Sasuke, whom he managed to evade, Madara, using his sage chakra, quickly turned his attention to the tailed beasts. Meanwhile, Black Zetsu attempted to take Obito's Rinnegan only to be stopped by Kakashi and Minato. Black Zetsu merged with Obito's body to use him to fight, deciding to put Obito to good use before letting him die.

By throwing massive amounts of sand at Madara, Gaara working together with Shukaku was able to limit the Uchiha's movements by controlling the sand in his wounds. Virtually helpless, Madara was quickly overwhelmed by the the six tailed beasts before being caught in a slime field by Saiken and then sealed inside of the Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal. This however failed to contain him as he broke out using his Susanoo, only to be countered by Naruto in his Tailed Beast Mode. All the tailed beasts then crushed Madara with their tails, severing his arm but he had nonetheless survived. Just as he separated himself from the tailed beasts, a single White Zetsu clone arrived carrying one of Madara's original eyes, who took it, along with the clones arm, both of which he reattached to himself. Using his regained power, Madara then summoned the Demonic Statue from Obito's body, and after blowing the beasts back, used the statue's chains to pull them in. Despite their efforts to resist, all nine tailed beast were pulled into the statue, with Naruto being taken away by Gaara as he lost consciousness. Tobirama appeared behind Madara and attacked him, starting a brief battle between the two, with Madara becoming the clear victor. Sasuke arrived at the battlefield and attempted to attack Madara from behind while Tobirama distracted him. Madara caught wind of the plan, however and suspended Sasuke in the air. While chastising the young Uchiha for his actions, Madara stabbed Sasuke in the chest with his own blade.

While Madara was sealing the nine tailed beasts and fighting Tobirama and Sasuke, Spiral Zetsu had appeared to battle the Allied Shinobi Forces and keep them occupied by summoning a Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands to battle them. Gaara, on orders of Yang Kurama, took a unconscious Naruto to Sakura to get him treated on his way to the Fourth Hokage and have Yin Kurama sealed in Naruto in its place. Karin used Uzumaki charka chains to counter Spiral Zetsu's wooden statue, allowing Suigetsu and Orochimaru to temporarily neutralise the Zetsu and make their escape to aid Sasuke.



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