The Frog Kata is a fighting style used exclusively by those who have mastered Sage Mode and trained with the toads of Mount Myōboku. The senjutsu chakra used during Sage Mode "activates" the body in various ways, enhancing the user's speed, reflexes, strength, stamina and durability. This allows a sage to achieve incredible feats which include leaping great distances, shattering sharp materials with their bare hands, as well as lifting massive objects. It is said to be a flawless taijutsu that has no openings in either attack or defence.[1]

When using Frog Kata, the natural energy used by the practitioner to create senjutsu chakra also surrounds the user in an aura of that same natural energy. This aura can act as an extension of their body and cannot be seen by anyone other than those who have trained in senjutsu. By utilising the aura, the user can extend the range and force of their physical attacks. Strikes that seemingly or would normally miss will actually make contact with the target. Only users of Sage Mode can see or sense this aura's extension. Nothing else, not even the Rinnegan can see it. One punch has been shown to have enough force to cripple and completely finish off an opponent, not unlike Chakra Enhanced Strength.

In addition, the enhanced speed, reflexes and heightened chakra-sensing from Sage Mode, combined with the skilful body movements of Frog Kata, allows the practitioner to not only evade enemy strikes at the last possible moment, but accurately counterattack an opponent.[2]


  • Kata is a martial arts term referring to a pattern of defence-and-attack.
  • In the anime, Naruto could use Frog Kata to break a Version 2 chakra cloak.[3]
  • It is a reoccurring theme that Frog Kata is used or given reference to by an enthused Naruto after he successfully lands a nature energy-enhanced Rasengan of some variant. This first occurs in his battle against Pain, and later against the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki after discovering his weakness to senjutsu-based techniques.


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