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霜の国大名 Shimo no Kuni Daimyō
Manga Volume #55, Naruto Chapter #517
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #262
Appears in Anime, Manga
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
  • Part II: 65

He is the daimyō of the Land of Frost.


In the anime, while chatting up a geisha, the Lightning Group went after him for taking money from the less fortunate. They said they wouldn't hurt him if he paid up, however, before they could come to an agreement, shinobi from Kirigakure appeared and attacked the group, saving the daimyō in the process.[2]


In the anime, it was shown that he is a cowardly man who has no problem begging for his life and taking money from the less fortunate.


He is an elderly man with short, pale purple hair that spikes up at the back, a bristling moustache and a long beard. He wears a hat of sorts which has the symbol of his village on it, similar to a forehead protector.[3] He also squints and wears what appears to be a purple kimono.

Part II

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

After being reported that Akatsuki would be entering their village, the Daimyō and its villagers began to prepare to leave. They await a reply from Konohagakure to begin the evacuation. Afterwards, he is guarded by the Fifth Mizukage, Chōjūrō, and other strong shinobi. He questions the security of the politicians and daimyō, but he was reassured after the Fifth Mizukage explained the plan to protect them.[4] He is then protected in a safe house with the daimyō of the Five Great Shinobi Countries.[5]


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