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Fuki (Land of Sound)
フキ Fuki
Anime Naruto Episode #213
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Female Female

Fuki (フキ, Fuki) is a little girl who lives in the Land of Rice Fields.


Fuki is a kind girl who loves her family, to the point she'd jump in front of her father to protect him from an enemy. Following the death of her family, Fuki lost the ability to speak. She only recovered this after warning Menma of an enemy that was about to attack the two.


Fuki has short brown hair and wears a pink t-shirt with a light green collar. She also wears her deceased father's necklace, keeping it as something to remember him by.

Part I

Menma Memory Search Mission

Both of her parents were killed when Shiin and his group of bandits attacked her village. She wears a necklace which belonged to her father. Later, she helped Naruto and Menma build the defence wall around the village. When Fuki heard that Menma was a part of the bandits who killed her parents, she started to throw rocks at him. After Menma's sacrifice, Fuki called him "big brother".

Fuki was saved three times by Menma. The first time being when one of the bandits tried to kill her, the second time was when she was going to fall from the cliff where her father was killed. The third time was when Shiin attacked the village for the yet second time. Fuki regained her speech after she was saved for the third time, warning Menma of an enemy behind him. She was also one of the reasons Menma quit the bandit's group.

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