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ふく Fuku
Anime Naruto Episode #192
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Sex Gender Female Female
  • Princess

Fuku (ふく, Fuku, English TV: Princess Fortune) is the daughter of a rich daimyō. She later got engaged to the daimyō of the Land of Noodles, Chikara.


She was stressed about meeting her new fiancé and, in an attempt to calm her nerves, she started eating so much that she gained a lot of weight.


Fuku is a very stubborn person, and determined to get the man she loves. She can also be insecure about her looks and her position in life.


Thin Fuku

Fuku when she was thin.

She has long blond hair and big blue eyes. She was originally thin, bearing a striking resemblance to Ino Yamanaka. The main difference is her bangs are shorter and frame both sides of her face unlike Ino whose bangs only frame the left side. When she got engaged with Chikara she gained a lot of weight out of binge eating due to anxiety.

She wears a set of blue oval earrings and her outfit consists of a pink kimono with red dots.

Part I

Matchmaking Proxy Mission

She hires Ino Yamanaka, and Naruto Uzumaki since he was the only one of the Konoha 11 not on a mission, for a body double mission. After her stress-eating caused her to gain a lot of weight, she hired Ino purely for their resemblance to make Chikara fall in love with "her"; Fuku is very determined to see her plan work out, despite all of its flaws, and therefore is very hard on Ino and Naruto.

In the end her plan failed, as she was accidentally revealed to Chikara, but he was actually more fond of her current appearance, which then confirmed the engagement.


  • Fuku, when written as 福, means "good fortune".
    • It also means "duplicate" when written as 副, which may come from her plan of having Ino being her "duplicate".
  • Easy Peasy Slim SP is a weight loss supplement she tried though it didn't work. She also tried one called Substitution Slender.
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