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フナムシ Funamushi
Anime Boruto Episode #240
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Status Deceased
  • Pirate
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Funamushi (フナムシ, Funamushi) was a pirate from the Funato Clan.


At some point, Funamushi married a woman and had a son, Kobuna. Raising the boy as a true member of the Funato, he taught Kubuna to despise Kirigakure and commit himself to the clan.


Funamushi was typically a stoic man of few words, he was very methodical in his approach, able to see the situation before him and act accordingly, and willing to wait for an advantage. However, once in battle, he became very passionate, even sadistic as he would regularly taunt his enemies, hoping to make them suffer. He took pride in being a man of the sea, believing in survival of the fittest and that might makes right. He hated Kirigakure, blaming them for ruining the Land of Water's pride.

He was fiercely devoted to the Funato Clan. He was especially loyal to Seiren, his immediate superior, bordering on religious zeal. So utterly driven to serve them well, he committed himself to completing any mission assigned to him and make all who oppose them pay. He was also willing to sacrifice his fellow soldiers, even himself, to succeed. Likewise, he would assault any of his men who showed any wavering devotion to the mission at hand.

Despite his normally composed nature, his loyalty to the Funato Clan as a whole made him overzealous to the point of being reckless. Wanting to defend their pride so absolutely, he would even ignore direct orders from his superiors to accomplish it. However, Funamushi did show some restraint when it came to non-combatant children, being a father himself, unwilling to harm them or using those who share those values as leverage.


Funamushi was a tall, tan-skinned muscular man. He had narrow grey eyes, thick lips, a broad nose, and pronounced tear-trough. He wore a green tattered haori with a hood and pants and small round goggles. He had bandages on his forearms.


Funamushi was among the strongest soldiers of the Funato Clan, acting as Seiren's aide and second-in-command. Even in her absence, his might in battle inspired confidence in his subordinates and was able to overwhelm most opponents. He likewise had considerable raw strength, able to lift and choke a man with a single hand.


Funamashi could summon and control a swarm of leeches, which caused their victims to enter a berserk state. He displayed considerable agility and strength in battle, attacking from multiple angles. He was proficient with kenjutsu, able to fight equally with Kagura Karatachi wielding Hiramekarei. He also carried a concealed tantō for sneak attacks.

Nature Transformation

Funamushi using Water Release: Furious Roaring Tornado.

Funamushi was also proficient in Water Release, able to use it without a water source for most of his techniques, but still required an external and sufficient source for his most powerful and large-scale techniques, such as rivers and the rainfall. He could produce massive water vortexes and envelop himself in a giant jellyfish to cause widespread destruction. He could also incorporate his Water Release techniques into his kenjutsu and even form a spike from them. Should he require more water, Funamushi can absorb a person's blood, a skill Araumi taught him personally.


As a commander amongst the Funato Clan, Funamushi is able to lead his platoon in absence of his superior Seiren. He is also a clever strategist and tactically able to outmanoeuvre his enemies, outplaying Kagura's plans by utilising a game trail for his men to launch an ambush.

New Era

Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc

Main article: Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc Funamushi accompanied Seiren Funato to the "island of traitors", where she killed their former allies who bowed to Kirigakure's authority after her father was captured. Later, as she prepared a night attack on the shipbuilders' island, she instructed Funamushi to leave one survivor to spread the word of the Funato's strength.

After Seiren concealed their arrival, Funamushi used his leeches to take control of the people on the island, and attacked Kagura. He tried to throw him off by mentioning Seiren targeting Boruto, but this only motivated Kagura to defeat him. When he recovered, he tracked down Kagura in time to witness Seiren's defeat by him and Boruto. He blocked them with a water wall and recovered her. He sent a soldier to inform Ikada, and told him who was responsible for her injuries.

Later, Funamushi led an elite Funato force through the mountains as part of a plan to take down Kirigakure, having deceived them to move most of their forces to battle at sea. Funamushi made his men swear to avenge Seiren's defeat as they approached a small village. He received a report that the two bridges ahead had been destroyed, and wondered if Kirigakure had learned of their plans. He ordered a scout party to go check ahead. Upon their return, saying there was nothing suspicious, Funamushi gave the order to advance.

Funamushi impales Kagura.

Along the way, his scouts discovered the traps ahead and notified him. Deciding to turn their opponents' plan on them, he sent men through a game trail ahead. His counterattack destroyed the enemy traps. Upon learning Kagura was in the group, he rejoiced at the opportunity to avenge Seiren. He attacked with a large waterspout, taking advantage of the enclosed terrain, but was blocked by a landslide caused by Team 5. Upon reaching the village, he mocked their blocking of water sources to deter his jutsu by draining some of his own men of their blood, and began attacking the village. His assault was stopped by Kagura, who channelled a lot of his chakra into Hiramekarei to cut through his attack. Funamushi avoided the attack at the last moment, and was able to take the weakened Kagura hostage, forcing his opponents to drop their weapons. He still stabbed Kagura through the chest as revenge for Seiren.

Funamushi overpowered by Boruto.

Enraged by his action, they attacked Funamushi. He repelled them at first with his Water Release, but a furious Boruto activated his Kāma, letting him overpower Funamushi's defences and strike him down with his Rasengan. While Funamushi refused to retreat as he still desired more vengeance, he quickly passed out, prompting his men to withdraw with him.

Upon awakening, he was furious at his men for retreating, and wished to go back to get vengeance on Boruto, despite Gokai explaining how this could jeopardise their long-term plans at Kirigakure. When he received Araumi's orders to call off the ambush and return, he angrily decided to ignore it, still wishing to avenge Seiren, whose condition still hadn't changed.

Buntan kills Funamushi as revenge for Kagura.

He had his men hold their position by the village for a day. Later, his men captured Iwabee Yuino and Denki Kaminarimon. While his men were eager to kill them, learning that they were gathering food for the children of the village, Funamushi decided to merely kept them as prisoners. During the night, Gokai attempted in vain to dissuade him from fighting the next morning, but in defying Araumi's retreat order, he knew his chance for avenging Seiren was slipping. In the morning, the attack began, his remaining men fighting harder, and even sacrificing each other to land attacks. Funamushi focused on Boruto, taunting him how Denki and Iwabee begged for their lives. Boruto was able to momentarily get an advantage, timing his Lightning Release attack while Funamushi absorbed water for his jutsu. However, it began to rain, allowing Funamushi to create a giant water jellyfish, which he used to attack indiscriminately, even his own men. While Team 7 distracted him, Hebiichigo was able to hold him in place with Nuibari's wire for a bit. He broke free and landed a fatal blow on her, but it was enough for Boruto to get close enough to land a Rasengan, defeating him. He managed to get Boruto off guard back on the ground, but Buntan was faster, stabbing him with Kiba, avenging Kagura. His remaining men carried his body off the village as they retreated.


His death caused his son Kobuna to go after Boruto for revenge. When Denki and Iwabee informed the others of their theory on why they were spared, there was a disagreement among the shinobi and the villagers whether to keep fighting. Kobuna's pain in particular sparked reflection in Boruto, who despite avenging Kagura, did not feel better about it, and even felt regretful of robbing the child of his father.


  • Funamushi is the Japanese translation of the Ligia exotica, a type of isopod of the Ligiidae family commonly known as a wharf roach.