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The Funato Clan (舟戸一族, Funato Ichizoku) is a clan of pirates in the Land of Water. One of the oldest known clans in the country, the Funato clan were known for their plundering, abductions and strength on open water.[1]


The clan's base of operation.

In the Funato clan, those who are of the same bloodline of the clan head Araumi are central members, while the bulk of their numbers consists of like-minded individuals.[2] So blindly committed to serving the actual clan, the soldiers are even willing to sacrifice themselves for the Funato clan's goals. The main family share a distinct look with strawberry blond hair, tanned skin, and silvery-blue eyes. Acting as a separate society, blood-related or not, they are all highly loyal to each other, constantly striving to support each other. From a young age, the men are trained for war.[3]

It is said that those who are forcefully recruited into the clan have little to no chance of survival, especially those who are assigned to the Tenma Unit (テンマ部隊, Tenma Butai), whose leader was so brutal that he kills new recruits for perceived weakness.[2] They are also pragmatic by nature, having carelessly modified their own ships that could cause them to sink if left as-is, and easily dismissing the loss of their mobile fortress once its purpose has been served.[4] Eventually, a large operation was carried out to capture Araumi, who was defeated in battle by the Sixth Mizukage, thus causing them to scatter.

Isari's mobile fortress.

Five years after his imprisonment, Araumi's son, Isari, commenced a plan to breakout his father from prison by disrupt a ceremony in Kirigakure as a distraction. Meanwhile, his brother Tenma would lead a fleet of pirates to occupy islands throughout the Land of Water, utilising Isari's giant, mobile sea fortress armed with a massive Scientific Ninja Tool as a Chakra Cannon. Upon Araumi's release being public knowledge, many people flocked to join the Funato clan.

As the war between the Funato and Kirigakure waged on, casualties became more apparent, with the leading clan's members Seiren and Tenma Funato killed, along with the high-ranking Funamushi. However, this only riled up the remainder of the clan, leading them to seek revenge by destroying the Shinonome 1 power plant, and then charge into Kirigakure in an all out assault. Isari attempted to secretly negotiate with the Sixth Mizukage for a peaceful resolution for both factions, but Araumi saw through his attempt and had him executed for perceived treason. Ikada, vengeful for Seiren's death, rejoined the clan as a commander leading the attack against Kirigakure.


Most members have been shown to be proficient in Water Release ninjutsu. Those who are Funato by blood inherit gill-markings on their neck and the "Power of the Sea Dragon" (海龍の力, Kairyū no Chikara), which seems to grant them a certain level of control over the water around them, some even able to part massive tidal waves by willing it, depending on the individual.[5]


  • The kanji 舟 in "Funato" means "boat", alluding to their piracy.
  • All clan members outside of Araumi's bloodline (and the adopted Tenma) have a purple tattoo of two lines on left side of their foreheads.


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