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Volume 68
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Japanese March 04, 2014 (ISBN 978-4-08-880023-3)
English December 02, 2014 (ISBN 978-1-4215-7682-4)
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Furrow (, Wadachi) is volume 68 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 648

"A Shinobi's Dream…!!" (忍の夢…!!, Shinobi no Yume…!!)

With renewed determination and a chakra boost from Yin-Kurama, Naruto heads back into battle alongside Sasuke — who, not to be outdone, has Jūgo use the Sage Transformation on his Susanoo to imbue it with natural energy, creating the Cursed Seal of Heaven markings on Sasuke's Susanoo. Ready for action, the two young men plunge back into battle against Obito, who took note of how time and time again Naruto would pick himself up from the rut of despair. With this, Orochimaru reflects on how Sasuke seemingly had the potential to surpass even Madara Uchiha himself, while Tobirama notes that Naruto was in a lot of ways like his brother Hashirama: faults and all. With the shinobi still somewhat doubting themselves and contemplating waiting for directives from the current Kage, Hashirama shares with them all his memories of the first summit of the five Kage.

How the meeting unfolded is revealed to all; what rings home for them all, is Hashirama's wish for all shinobi to be united. With this, Hashirama rallies the troops to amass their worries, their resolve, their sorrows and strength in order to fight. Ultimately, Hashirama's wish for the future is answered by the appearance of the five current Kage to the battlefield, all standing as a united front.

Chapter 649

"A Shinobi's Will" (忍の意志, Shinobi no Ishi)

Dispersing across the battlefield as soon as they arrive, the five current Kage intend to continue boosting the Allied Shinobi Forces' morale as this was no battle they could afford to lose. As Sasuke and Naruto continue to clash with Obito, who somehow manages to keep them at bay, Shikamaru's treatment progresses slowly, though Sakura is determined to not let him die. Even as they fought, Naruto's Version 1 chakra begins to form around Shikamaru — something Ino later notes was being done by Naruto subconsciously as an extension of his will to protect his friends. Regaining some strength, Shikamaru's memories and feelings are transmitted via Ino's Mind Body Transmission Technique, revealing his own will to be an advisor to Naruto when he takes on the mantle of Hokage as he sits up.

As relief spreads throughout the Konoha 11 — none more so than ChōjiTsunade arrives at their location and expedites Shikamaru's recovery, commending her student for having done so well. Meanwhile, within Kamui's Dimension, a battered but recovering Kakashi tends to his wounds, noting that he was almost set to return to the battlefield. After speaking briefly with her grandfather, Tsunade, A, Gaara, Mei, and Ōnoki all rally the troops across the battlefield before Hashirama gives the final battle cry to the resolute army.

Chapter 650

"I Will Sleep" (眠るのは, Nemuru no Wa)

As the five Kage, their various shinobi factions, along with Mifune and his samurai move out to destroy the Ten-Tails while in its tree form, Tobirama asks Minato to let him use the connection between him and Naruto's chakra to help the shinobi with the Flying Thunder God Technique by teleporting them out of harm's way. Meanwhile, Hiruzen asks Orochimaru if he is only going to watch the battle, to which Orochimaru replies that though he is not interested in the fight, he will still lend a hand because Obito's "dream" would mean the abandoning of his experiments. Orochimaru then attacks a part of the tree and declares that for a while, they will reminiscence of the time when they were student and teacher, as Hiruzen destroys the limbs with Enma's adamantine form.

Elsewhere, Tsunade tells Sakura that they can summon nearly one tenth of Katsuyu's whole body from the Shikkotsu Forest to heal the forces if they use their seals together. Tsunade informs everyone of Katsuyu's arrival and their intentions via Ino and the shinobi stand on a dissolved Katsuyu in order to recover. All the while, Naruto and Sasuke are still fighting Obito, who easily evades all of their attacks with his new-found speed. This created a problem for the duo, though later, Naruto was able to sense Obito, while Sasuke tries to follow him with his Mangekyō Sharingan. Obito declares that it's almost time to sleep and fall into dreams, as the flower almost blooms. Kakashi, in Kamui's Dimension, thinks that Obito still has the Will of Fire, though it is overshadowed by his hatred, and now he is able to realise this Will after fighting Naruto. Back in the real world, Obito attacks Naruto and Sasuke, forcing them out of their Sage Tailed Beast Mode and cursed seal-enhanced complete Susanoo respectively. As Naruto begins to stand up, Obito chides Naruto while demanding to know why he still stood to fight. But Naruto tells him that he will not change, as never going back on his word is his nindō. Both Naruto and Sasuke go in their Tailed Beast Mode and Susanoo once again. Sasuke calls out to finish the battle for once and all, while Naruto says that he will sleep tomorrow and dream on his own as their two forms combine.

Chapter 651

"What Is Filled" (埋めたもの, Umeta Mono)

As Sasuke's Susanoo equips itself onto Naruto's senjutsu-enhanced Tailed Beast Mode mantle, combining the two young men's abilities, much to their surprise, Kakashi — who is still in Kamui's dimension — is able to both see and hear what is going on via the link shared between his and Obito's Sharingan. Readying himself for one last all-out counter-attack, Obito manifests a gigantic shield and the Sage of the Six Paths' legendary holy weapon, the latter of which he commented was used to shape the first world, would now destroy the one he considered to be fake.

Creating nine Rasengan in Kurama's tails, Naruto contacts his comrades from the Konoha 11 and Sai to join the fray. As they jump directly into Kurama's tails, they themselves don Tailed Beast Mode mantles much to their shock. Naruto charges them to break down Obito's defences using the Rasengan, so that he and Sasuke could have a direct shot at attacking him. As their attack is launched, a confused Obito begins to see more of himself in Naruto and even begins to hallucinate about what his life could have been like — even without Rin— if he had returned to the village instead. Ultimately, the shinobi are able to break through his defence, and the two young men are also able to deal a devastating blow to Obito with Susanoo's sword.

Chapter 652

"Naruto's Furrow" (ナルトの轍, Naruto no Wadachi)

As a Susanoo-clad Kurama cuts through Obito, Naruto and Kurama's objectives are achieved as the chakra of the tailed beasts are pulled out in response to Naruto's use of the chakra the beast had given him. Manifesting their chakra via Kurama's tails, Naruto begins the great tug-of-war against Obito who struggles desperately to retain the chakra of the beasts. When Shukaku and Gyūki's chakra reject Kurama's tails as the young man didn't possess a portion of it himself, Gaara — Shukaku's former jinchūriki — and Killer B — Gyūki's current host — aid Naruto in his struggle in order to leave Obito with nothing but the shell of the Ten-Tails hence halting the tree's flower from blooming.

Recognising what he intends to do, the Allied Shinobi Forces springs into action under Shikamaru's directive all the while as the link between the chakra open Naruto up to even more of Obito's conscience which Kurama warns against. Joining in the effort, Sasuke and Naruto's other comrades all grab hold of the chakra as well and begin to pull while Minato dons his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode mantle once again and sprouting tendril-like tails instructs the Alliance to grab hold of his chakra to join the effort. Within his subconscious, Obito sees himself alone against the entire Alliance, and as he begins to contemplate more and more of his decisions and visualise what his life could have been like, he grapples to come to terms with what he views to be regret. Speaking to him directly from their connection, an empathic Naruto tells Obito that despite his declaration of being no one, he was in fact someone with dreams not unlike his own, bonds with other people in the world: both friends and family, and declared that he was "Obito Uchiha" and that he would destroy his real mask which was the face he portrayed of being no one.

Chapter 653

"I'm Watching You" (ちゃんと見てる, Chanto Miteru)

As Naruto reaffirms Obito's existence, the Uchiha notes that it did not matter anymore as he had transcended into the "Second Six Paths". Unsupportive of this, Naruto says that both of them were similar in a lot of ways including their upbringing, goals and beliefs. Naruto then tells Obito that nobody would acknowledge him for his dream that robbed them of their freedom. Obito responds that both of them were actually indeed very similar and that was the reason he wanted Naruto to think that the world was hopeless. Obito explains that he saw his old self in Naruto, and wanted him to abandon his ideals before they brought him nothing but misery.

Chiding Obito for running away from life, the young Uchiha, however, sticks to the fact that he is actually doing what a Hokage should do by bringing peace to the world; noting that he had simply found a shortcut to achieving this. Adamant in his beliefs, Naruto tells Obito that there was no shortcut to the dream of being Hokage who was a person who was supposed to go before everyone and make the way easier for them to follow. Obito reflects more on his past and Rin, and Naruto says that Obito still has bonds with his friends, as seen when the Ten-Tails tried to take control over his body and how he had maintained control of his consciousness by remembering his old team. Naruto asks Obito to accept himself as a shinobi of Konoha, atone for his crimes, and come to the side of the Shinobi Alliance and then reaches out his hand to Obito.

Chapter 654

"It was Obito Uchiha" (うちはオビトだ, Uchiha Obito Da)

Naruto reaches out his hand to Obito. However, instead of accepting his hand, Obito tries to strangle Naruto, saying he has no regrets for anything he has done so far. Naruto punches Obito aside claiming he's not worthy to be a Hokage. Obito begins to see more of his old self in Naruto. Naruto then tells him that Rin wanted to look forward to "Obito Uchiha", not what Obito has become now. Obito remembers his past with Team Minato as he struggles with his inner turmoils, meanwhile Naruto forcefully grabs Obito's hand warning the Uchiha to not underestimate the power of everyone.

In the real world, the shinobi's attempts to pull out the tailed beasts were successful. Naruto and Sasuke, losing their armour-clad chakra shroud after winning the struggle, had finally defeated and stopped Obito. Obito looks up to moon and grieves that he could not fill the hole in his heart.

Chapter 655

"Furrow" (, Wadachi)

As the tailed beasts all start to take corporeal forms, they gladly thank Naruto for saving them. Rushing forward suddenly, Sasuke heads towards Obito's location with his sword drawn; his intentions clear. With other sensors such as C detecting that Obito was still alive, the Alliance mobilise to deal the finishing blow. However, both Sasuke and the Alliance are stopped by Kakashi's reemergence on the battlefield and Tsunade's orders respectively.

Kakashi informs his former student that this burden was his to bear as he was Obito's friend, but before Kakashi can deal the blow to a resigned Obito, he is stopped by Minato. The three men talk about the past, their regrets over Rin's death and how everything had turned out. Kakashi then tells a doubtful Obito that Naruto would not turn out the way he they did because if he faltered, he had friends and support that would help him back up. All throughout this, Naruto had moved to locate Madara and Hashirama in order to aid in sealing the Uchiha. Standing atop the tree form of the Ten-Tails, Naruto and his shadow clones form the Big Ball Rasenshuriken which they continue to increase in size until it becomes like a giant beacon above the battlefield, that illuminates his comrades' footsteps.

Chapter 656

"Shift" (交代, Kōtai)

As Obito laid in defeat, he watches on as Naruto uses his Big Ball Rasenshuriken to attack Madara, who has been immobilised by Hashirama. Gaara asks Shukaku for help in sealing Madara to which the raccoon eventually obliges as a way of proving himself superior to Kurama. The other tailed beasts also lend Gaara their help, intent on repaying Naruto for freeing them. Meanwhile, giving the regenerating Madara no time to retaliate, Hashirama incapacitated him further by trapping him beneath his torii seals.

Despite his circumstance, Madara grins in anticipation. Kurama tells Minato that even though Obito lost the tailed beasts, he'll survive as he's still connected to the life force of the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Obito muses on how Nagato used the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to help the enemy, then ultimately decides to do the same. Obito tells Minato and Kakashi that he finally understands why Nagato would side with Naruto in the end; the teachings of Jiraiya were what gave them hope for a better future. Knowing that his connection to Minato, who was a student of Jiraiya made him similar to Nagato and Naruto, Obito decides to repent by sacrificing his own life the same way Nagato did. At that moment, Black Zetsu suddenly appears and grabs hold of Obito. As Zetsu apologises to him, he declares that this was his singular purpose all along as he begins to merge with Obito's body. Madara thanks Naruto for weakening Obito as it allows Black Zetsu to manipulate Obito into using the Outer Path technique to successfully bring Madara back to life. Now alive the ecstatic Madara declares that he would once again be able to enjoy the thrills of war with a human body.

Chapter 657

"Madara Uchiha is Back" (うちはマダラ、参る, Uchiha Madara, Mairu)

Giving their opponent no time to relent, Sasuke engulfs Madara in the flames of Amaterasu. Madara removes his armour, as Naruto insists that is was pointless to simply attack Madara, while Hashirama is puzzled as to why their opponent had closed his eyes. Emerging unscathed from the flames, Madara turns his attention to Hashirama, whom he reminds of the last conversation they had at the Naka Shrine, revealing that he believed that only the power of the Uchiha and Senju could bring true bliss. Launching his counterattack, Madara knocks both Naruto and Sai aside and uses the black receivers he had embedded in Hashirama earlier to immobilise his target. Using this opportunity, Madara absorbs Hashirama's senjutsu chakra, which reflects on the face of Hashirama jutting out of his chest.

Lamenting of the level of power which he was easily able to control, Madara is once again forced on the defensive, as he is attacked by Sasuke once more. Lauding the younger Uchiha for his Mangekyō Sharingan, Madara decides that Sasuke's dōjutsu would make a perfect substitute until his Rinnegan came back. Elsewhere, Black Zetsu notes that Obito would die soon after reviving Madara, and declares that he would now retrieve Madara's eye. Set upon by both Kakashi and Minato, Zetsu merges with Obito, and explains that he was the only thing keeping Obito alive at this point in time. Explaining how he had escaped from the Hokage Guard Platoon and bided his time, Zetsu exclaims that he was Madara's will and would go as far as to use Obito's body to defeat them. Staving off another attack from his opponents, Madara soon sets his unseeing gaze upon the tailed beasts, determined to hunt them down.

Author's Note

I visited my family home for the first time in a while and planned to take a really short stroll in the winter snow with my feet exposed. But everything was so nostalgic that I kept going and going. Though I was shivering from the cold, I'd walked over three miles before I realised it. I ended up having someone come give me a ride back.

Masashi Kishimoto, 2014

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