Fury (怒髪天, Dohatsuten) is a technique which could create a massive explosion, capable of wiping out an entire village. It was developed by En no Gyōja, and his granddaughter Hotaru has the kinjutsu implanted on her back. Tonbee stated that En no Gyōja gave him the scroll to unseal and destroy the deadly kinjutsu.


Before the technique can be performed, the user must first gather a large amount of chakra by using the Tsuchigumo Style: Forbidden Life Technique Release: Creation of Heaven and Earth to power it. Seeing the technique's enormous potential as a weapon of mass destruction, the Third Hokage proclaimed this as a kinjutsu, so as to keep his village safe. Despite the technique's power, Utakata was able to absorb all its power and destroy it by using his Tailed Beast Mode.

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