"Gaara vs. the Mizukage!!" (我愛羅VS水影!!, Gaara Bāsasu Mizukage!!) is chapter 556 of the original Naruto manga.


The Second Mizukage comments on how he wasn't defeated despite divulging his weaknesses. Gaara pants and notices how the Mizukage's oily water seeps into his sand and makes it unusable. The Mizukage angrily resents Gaara for trying to defeat first. Gaara acknowledges the Mizukage's strength. Gaara detects the Giant Clam's location, showing Ōnoki where to shoot his Dust Release, but since he has used up too much chakra against Mū, he can't use it. Instead, he decides to punch it. The punch closes the Giant Clam but doesn't dispel the genjutsu. The Mizukage says that if the Tsuchikage that if he doesn't put more strength into it, straining his back, his attack won't do a thing to the clam, noticing him to have stopped using Dust Release due to his chakra use. Ōnoki increases the weight of his fist on the Giant Clam and smashes it, throwing his back in the process. The genjutsu is broken. The Mizukage strikes the Tsuchikage, but it turns out to be a decoy placed by Gaara. Gaara immobilises the Mizukage with great amounts of sand so the oily water can't seep through it all. The Sealing Team starts to work, but the sand explodes before they can finish, the Mizukage's visage appearing in the steam. Ōnoki tells Gaara this isn't genjutsu, but the ninjutsu not even Mū knew how to counter.

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我愛羅VS水影!! +
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