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| manga debut = ''Naruto'' Chapter 377
| manga debut = ''Naruto'' Chapter 376 page 11
| anime debut =
| anime debut =
| appears in = Manga
| appears in = Manga

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Great Toad Sage

Great Toad Sage

Great Toad SageGreat Toad SageToad Sage

Debut (Manga)

Naruto Chapter 376 page 11

Appears in






  • (None So Far)

The Great Toad Sage is the oldest and most respected Toad of them all, that lives at Mount Myouboku. Since his only appearane so far has been in a flashback, it is unknown if he is still alive.


He has an and old man sage like appearance and seems to constantly smile. During his short appearance he is constantly having his eyes closed, which could mean that age has taken its tool on his eyesight and made him blind.

Part II

Infiltration of Amagekure

So far has the Toad Sage only made one appearance, being in a flashback of Jiraiya's, who remembered being told about about a prophecy the Toad Sage had about him. However, when he arrives the Toad Sage only laughes and stales, being unable to remember who Jiraiya is, until Pa tells him, and he is being scolded by Ma for being senile. He then forgets why Jiraiya is there until Pa tells Jiraiya that he has had a vision concerning him.


As guessed has his old age made him senile, and he then tends to forget things quite quickly. However when reminded he is still able to remember things and can easily tell things very precis. He also acts like a sage and is quick to stop Ma and Pa from bickering. It would seem that unlike most other toads, he actually has respect for Jiraiya, and have even urged Ma and Pa to cooperate with him[1].


  • "No fighting children. A husband and wife has to be nice to each other"


  1. Naruto Manga Chapter 378 Page 7
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