Gang of Four
Gang of Four
Gang of Four (四人衆, Yonin-shū)
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie
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The Gang of Four (四人衆, Yonin-shū) were a group of four shinobi, who served under Yomi and appeared in Naruto Shippūden the Movie.


The Gang of Four followed Yomi in attacking the location in which Mōryō was sealed, easily killing the guards with their enhanced technique via Yomi's Strengthening Prescription: Chakra Injection.

After taking control of a good portion of the territories they pass by via Mōryō's Ghost Army, Yomi assigned the group to assassinate Shion, a priestess who has the ability to reseal the demon. Kusuna, the medical-nin, was the only one capable of utilising the chakra snakes of Yomi's technique, and was designated as the group leader, responsible for giving the other three their special chakra.

Upon attacking Shion's compound in the Land of Demons, the three fighters proved themselves to be abusive of the enhanced chakra, using overly powerful techniques to deal with even the most minor matters, and Gitai even drank the chakra directly, which killed him when the unstable power led to a self-detonation. Their tendency to abuse their chakra became their downfall, as it resulting in rapid drainage and requiring replenishment; upon using too much chakra in an attempt to flush out Shion, the opponents took advantage of this moment of weakness and took down the remaining three members of the Gang while refusing to let them restock.


  • Each member of the team had a certain trigram on their uniform; Setsuna's meant "lightning" (, kaminari), Shizuku's meant "water" (, mizu), Kusuna's meant "wind" (, kaze) and Gitai's meant "fire" (, hi).
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