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唐野ガラシ Tōno Garashi
Anime Boruto Episode #157
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Status Deceased
  • Outer

Garashi Tōno (唐野ガラシ, Tōno Garashi) was a citizen of Amegakure and an Outer of Kara.


Growing up in Amegakure, Garashi was orphaned following the Fourth Shinobi World War. He was taken in by a man who raised him and other children as a family. The man also taught them some ninjutsu. As Amegakure continue to fall into ruins, Garashi grew desperate to survive. He by chance met Kara, who inspired Garashi to join their campaign of changing the world. To prove his loyalty to them, Garashi without hesitation killed his friends to hide Kara's existence. He began operating in the village as a scout to make sure no one would learn of Kara's existence.


Through his façade, Garashi claimed to be an innocent survivor of Kara's actions.

Garashi was seemingly once a kind and cheerful person, enjoying his surrogate family amongst his adopted grandfather and siblings. However, from years of struggle in the decaying village after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Garashi grew bitter and selfish, viewing it unfair that other ninja nations prospered following the war while his suffered. Learning of Kara and its goals to change the world, Garashi became fanatically devoted to the organisation, becoming truly heartless as he willingly killed his friends/adopted siblings to prove his loyalty to Kara.

From his descent into insanity, Garashi proved to be very manipulative, shameless feigning innocence in the death of his family and using it to deceive people. He was also apparently sadistic, delighting in watching others die by his manipulations. Underhanded as he was, Garashi also was very naïve. Convinced that he obtained greatness by pledging himself to Kara, he arrogantly was convinced that things would go as planned, failing to see that Kara saw him as disposable. However, even upon learning how little Kara cared for him, Garashi's hatred of the world and clinging delusions made him willing to commit suicide to protect Kara's secrets rather than accept help from his enemies.


Garashi was a fair-skinned young man of average height and built. He had grey eyes and brown shoulder-length hair with chin-length bangs framing the sides of his face and some between his eyes. He had somewhat of an androgynous appearance, with his hair tied in a side-ponytail to the left, a simple black choker around his neck, and a pink shirt and robes. He also wore grey pants with a black sash above it and black sandals.


Taught by his adopted grandfather, Garashi had some minor skill in ninjutsu. He was competent in wielding a kunai and applying explosive tags. His greatest skill however was for trapping and manipulation. He could design elaborate traps that would likely kill one who did not see the deception ahead of time. His specialty was gaining his targets' trust and tricking them into being exposed to poisonous gas.

New Era

Kara Actuation Arc

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Garashi betrays Sasuke and Sai.

As Konohagakure learned of the Kara's existence and began investigating their whereabouts, they sent Sasuke Uchiha and Sai Yamanaka to Amegakure. After mapping out the area, they approached one its underground tunnels, which Garashi had boobytrapped. His efforts failed to kill the targets, instead alerting the Konoha-nin of Garashi's presence. He attacked the two men, pretending to believe they killed his friends. After he was subdued and they explained their situation, Garashi modified his story of how he met Kara and brought them through the tunnels, carefully avoiding the poisonous gas. Upon approaching the Kara's laboratory, Garashi rushed in, claiming to be looking for his friends' bodies.

Once Sasuke and Sai caught up, Garashi sprung a trap to restrain the men while the poison gas would finish them off. He proudly declared his loyalty to Kara before leaving the tunnel. Once outside, Sasuke and Sai appeared, revealing to have seen through Garashi's lies and sent shadow clones in their place. Garashi was quickly subdued, but before Sasuke and Sai could question him, Garashi began succumbing to poison.

Garashi commits suicide to prevent Kara's secrets from being revealed.

Sasuke inspected Garashi's gas mask, realising that Kara had lied to Garashi and set him up to die as the mask was faulty. Despite learning of his insignificance to Kara, Garashi stubbornly remained loyal to the organisation, saying they gave him more hope than the world ever did. Refusing to let Sasuke and Sai gain anything from him, he committed suicide by stabbing himself in the throat.


The way Garashi was used and died led Sasuke and Sai to acknowledge that Kara may be a larger organisation than they previously believed. The Seventh Hokage made clear that Amegakure's decaying state must be rectified.

When Jigen questioned why Garashi would destroy the facility only recently when it was abandoned long ago, he gave Victor a look of suspicion, who frowned in return, suggesting that Victor was the one responsible for stationing Garashi to guard the location.