The Garian Sword (ガリアン刀, Gariantō) is a three-pronged sword with a metal wire passing through the blade. Its wire controls its movements as the blade can expand and be shot after the targeted enemy, similar to an urumi; Kankurō compares this to the rudimentary control of puppets, controlling a toy bamboo snake with chakra threads. Also, each of the sword's blades has the ability to react to the carrier's chakra, amplifying it, changing its form to that of a dragon, and manipulating it freely, in a similar way to the use of the Puppet Technique. The sword is also used as part of the Ninja Tools Barrier: Reverse Fish Scales Formation cooperation ninjutsu.

When Hōki summoned this weapon for himself (which later transferred to Seimei), it seemingly integrated to the back of the Infinite Armour, becoming three tentacle-like blades extending from its behind.

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