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ガツ Gatsu
Anime Naruto Episode #159
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
  • Part I: 189 cm1.89 m <br />6.201 ft <br />74.409 in <br />
  • Bounty Hunter


Gatsu (ガツ, Gatsu) is a bounty hunter in the Land of Stone.


Gatsu has a short crop of black hair that connects to a moustache and a long messy beard. He holds part of his hair in a small ponytail in the back. He also has greyish-coloured eyes. He wears a big reddish-coloured cloth around his neck that goes down to his waist. The cloth is outlined in a bluish colour. He also is seen carrying a big silver mace.


Gatsu has a large mace which he is skilled at using in combat. He is able to crush the ground using this very weapon. Gatsu is also skilled in the use of chains, being able to catch his opponents in them. Gatsu is also quite fast considering his size.

Part I

Gosunkugi Capture Mission

Kiba hits Gatsu.

Gatsu tried to get Sazanami after he was injured by Gosunkugi, but failed because Naruto and the others were protecting him. Upon leaving, he accidentally drops a wanted poster. Strangely, they note that the person on the poster's name is Tokichi and has the same bird shaped birthmark that Sazanami has.

Later, Gatsu catches up and catches Sazanami and Gosunkugi. In the end, Gatsu and the village elder revealed to the citizens that Gosunkugi confessed to his crimes and Sazanami was cleared of all charges.

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