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ゲンマイ Genmai
OVA Naruto: The Cross Roads
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Sex Gender Male Male

Genmai (ゲンマイ, Genmai) is a villager from the Inaho Village who appears in Naruto: The Cross Roads.


Genmai has somewhat long black hair and black eyes, his bangs hang inbetween and down the sides of his eyes.

Plot Overview

Genmai, who was out in the hills, gets lost, but he actually gets kidnapped by Kajika and his group to lure Team 7 (especially Sasuke Uchiha) to them. Kakashi Hatake finds him being attacked by a wolf and saves him. Trying to help Genmai, Kakashi suddenly gets trapped along with Genmai in a sealing technique. After the defeat of Kajika and his group by Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke, Kakashi and Genmai escape from the technique and Team 7 returns him to his son.

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