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Queen Bee
巨大蜂 Kyodaibachi or Kyodaihachi
Anime Naruto Episode #150
Appears in Anime
Species Bees
Status Deceased

The Giant Bee (巨大蜂, Kyodaibachi or Kyodaihachi) was a giant-sized bee and the personal summon of Suzumebachi.


Having a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, a deadly stinger, and wings capable of causing gale force winds, this giant bee is a difficult opponent. It can spit massive amounts of honey from its mouth to trap and ensnare its victims. Considering its wings and that it's a bee, it can be thought that it is a very agile creature.

Part I

Bikōchū Search Mission

During Suzumebachi and her sibling's assault on Team Kurenai, she had the giant bee trap the team in cocoons of sticky substance which hardened over time. It was later summoned to face off against the team once again but was buffeted by Hinata Hyūga's Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms technique.


  • The Giant Bee has a lower jaw, a trait exclusive to vertebrates.
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