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Giant Marlin
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #223
Appears in Anime
Species Marlin

This Giant Marlin was once a summon during the Third Shinobi World War who did not return to its birthplace because it had a shuriken stuck to its head.


After the war, it stayed at the Land of Fire's harbour, attacking any boats in open water. Yūsuke and his father tried to catch it, but failed and resulted in Yūsuke's father's death.


While it is mostly similar to a common marlin, it is also of a titanic stature shown to be several times larger than a rowing-boat. It had a blue grey colouration upon its body and fins along with bright red eyes. Its most peculiar feature, however, was its snout, which had the shape and abilities of a double edged sword. For a number of years, the marlin also had a fūma shuriken embedded into its head.


The marlin possessed a large sword-like appendage at the end of its snout. The sword was capable of injuring Might Guy in their initial confrontation and it appears to be as equally dense as the wood created by Yamato's Wood Release: Great Forest Technique. The marlin was extremely fast and could maintain its top speed for an extended period of time. Might Guy was forced to open five of the Eight Gates in order to row fast enough to keep up with the marlin.

Part II

Paradise Life on a Boat

When Naruto Uzumaki, Aoba Yamashiro, Might Guy and Yamato set sail to the Land of Lightning, they suddenly encounter the giant marlin who attacks and destroys their ship. Soon after, they meet a young man named Yūsuke who is trying to catch the marlin. That night Yūsuke explains to the team that he needs a proper boat and rod in order to catch the marlin, maintaining stubborn intentions of catching it on his own. The next day they take Yūsuke with his equipments needed to capture the marlin, courtesy of Yamato's Wood Release, avenging his father. After locating the marlin, they commence the chase, and at last Yūsuke catches the marlin after exhausting it. Naruto finds a fūma shuriken on its forehead and pulls it out. Soon after, the marlin returns home.

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