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"God Tree" (神樹, Shinju) is chapter 646 of the original Naruto manga.


Having manifested the Ten-Tails, whose stomach begins to open up, Obito mulls over his next step before removing the barrier, as the beast transforms into an enormous tree. The tree stretches its roots and grabs hold of the shinobi on the battlefield, absorbing their chakra cloaks and their own chakra, leaving them emaciated, and causing wide-spread panic at the predicament. As Gyūki confirmed that this was the last and true form of the beast: the "God Tree", Madara and Hashirama continue their battle where the Uchiha reveals the history of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the God Tree and the forbidden fruit that it bore once in a millennium, and how chakra became a weapon for man to use as a result of Kaguya consuming the fruit and giving birth to a son, who would become known as the Sage of Six Paths as written on the Naka Shrine tablet. He also noted that once the flower bloomed, the eye within it would be reflected onto the moon, casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and that the one who would complete the plan was he himself. Meanwhile, as Naruto tries to escape the clutches of the tree to very little avail, Tobirama slices through the branches, but they start to regenerate too quickly for himself, or a chakra depleted Minato to rescue him. With Naruto's situation getting dire as both his Tailed Beast Mode mantle and Sage Mode markings disappear, Hiruzen arrives in the nick of time and, after apologising for his late arrival, destroys the branches with his adamantine staff and retreats with Naruto, allowing Tobirama to teleport them all to where Sasuke and Jūgo were surveying the occurrence. Slightly recovering, Naruto looks around in anguish at his fallen comrades, while Obito tells them all to simply give in, and that their suffering would end soon as the flower atop the tree begins to slowly open.


  • In one panel, B's Iron Armour Seal appears on both of his shoulders. Oddly, this was not corrected in the tankōbon version.
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