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白医 Hakui
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
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Status Deceased
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Hakui (白医, Hakui) was a missing-nin of the "Leaf's Anbu" who appeared in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 that served under Shinga.


He was Shinga's loyal servant, and he referred to him as Lord Shinga (真牙さま, Shinga-sama). He thought very highly of him, killing others simply because they were "his Lord's enemy", and shared his goals. Out of battle, he appeared to be very calm and collected, being a lot more reasonable and detached than his comrade, Dōshin.


Hakui had long, light blonde hair that he usually kept slung over both of his shoulders in two ponytails, which gave him a somewhat feminine appearance. His eyes were light bluish-grey. Like most of Shinga's subordinates, he wore a dark grey mask decorated with red marks that cover half of his face. After swallowing his ability-enhancing pill, his hair was spikier, and his body became bulkier and more muscled.


Hakui was able to transform into a much more muscular version of himself by using a special type of food pill similar to the Mind Awakening Pill. While in this form, he had increased strength, speed, and agility. He was able to use attacks similar to those used by Strong Fist users. He could also roll himself into a ball and spin, using his hair as spikes. In this form, Hakui's attacks were wild and rapid, but uncoordinated.

Plot Overview

Hakui was a member of Shinga's supporters, one apparently unaffected by his mind control. He assisted him in his attack against Konohagakure. When Sasuke travelled to Tsukigakure, he stopped him in his path and challenged him. Though he utilised a food pill which increased his strength before fighting, he was defeated while battling Sasuke.


  • Hakui's name is Japanese for "white doctor". When written as 白衣, it refers to the white clothes worn by doctors.
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