After using the Shadow Clone Technique to create many copies of the user, the user and their shadow clones each perform the Sexy Technique to change their appearances into beautiful naked women. The naked forms swarm their target and hang upon them, the intention being to overpower targets with lustful thoughts.[1] Ebisu, against whom the Sexy Technique was ineffective, is defeated by the Harem Technique, losing consciousness due to a bloody nose. The Third Hokage, who previously fell prey to the Sexy Technique, suspects the Harem Technique would also work against him.[2] Killer B is unmoved by it.[3]


  • In the anime, the naked forms are obscured by heavier amounts of smoke than is used in the Harem Technque's manga depictions.
    • Naruto video games take the additional step of having all the shadow clones wearing swimsuits.
  • In Naruto episode 193, Naruto instead has his shadow clones transform into (fully clothed) Sakura Harunos, taking advantage of Rock Lee's feelings for her.


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