With this technique, Mabui is able to transport objects anywhere at the speed of light. When being transferred, the object is engulfed in light and moves to any desired destination through a narrow beam, reminiscent of a bolt of lightning.

Although typically restricted to inanimate objects, the technique can be used on living organisms as well, including humans. However, as the body is unable to handle the speed involved in the transfer, they would normally be ripped to shreds as a result. Most notably the Third Raikage, with his extreme durability, was thought to be the only person able to endure the technique unharmed.[2] However later on, the Fourth Raikage and Tsunade both managed to survive it, although the latter suffered several minor injuries while the former suffered none.


  • "Tensō", when written as 転送, is the Japanese word for "transfer", "transmission", or "forwarding", likely a reference to Mabui being A's secretary.
    • It may also be alluding to the method often used to transmit data in these forms of communication, by sending pulses of light through an optical fibre.
  • A noted that Mabui was made his secretary for the specific reason that she could use this technique, which is said to be unique to her.[3] What exactly is meant by that is currently unknown.
  • In all instances the technique was shown, the object transported was placed onto a sort of platform. It is unknown if this is a prerequisite for the technique.


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