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ヒダリ Hidari
Anime Boruto Episode #40
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Hidari (ヒダリ, Hidari) is a former shinobi turned mercenary alongside his partner Ashimaru.


After the Fourth Shinobi World War ended, Hidari and Ashimaru lost their jobs, leading to them taking missions directly. Fifteen years later, the pair was hired by Iori, with the objective to retrieve the deed to the Green Banks bridge. Providing Iori with poison, he used it to kill the village head of Green Banks. For three months, the two assaulted the village in an attempt to force the new village head Kiri into handing over the deed.


Hidari is a very sadistic individual. He enjoys killing bystanders and is very traitorous. He is disgusted by the more peaceful era brought on by the winning of the Fourth Shinobi World War, so much that he went rogue. He also views the Five Great Shinobi Countries, who are the cornerstone of this new era, as having grown weak from this change in era. At the same time, he is very cowardly. Once seeing an opponent is stronger than him, he quickly loses his resolve to fight.


Hidari is a fairly tall man of light complexion. He has long brown hair with short bangs over his ears. He wears beaded white earrings and black pants with a white robe. The robe only has a left sleeve while his right arm is wrapped in bandages. He also wears red makeup covering his eyes and forehead.


Hidari is a fairly capable ninja. He excels in strategy and manipulation. In battle, he was able to hold his own for a period against Konohamaru Sarutobi. He also has skill in Earth Release and Juinjutsu, able to use both to trap his foes.

New Era

Genin Mission Arc

Konohamaru vs Shinobi

Hidari and Ashimaru facing Konohamaru.

When Kiri requested Konohagakure for aid against Hidari and Ashimaru, Hidari devised a plan to capture her and ransom her for the deed. After Iori captured Kiri, Hidari and Ashimaru killed Iori. They then turned their attention to the Konoha-nin, planning to kill them. While Hidari faced Konohamaru, he sent Ashimaru to get the genin. While initially managing to trap Konohamaru, the jōnin quickly escaped with his Rasengan. Once Konohamaru showed the power he wielded by obliterating the rock surface near him, Hidari fainted in horror.

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