This technique is a specialty of Kirigakure ninja. Users fill the air with mist and control its thickness with their chakra. Once the mists are thick enough that opponents cannot see, that in turn means they cannot manage much defence against the user. Zabuza Momochi famously used this technique to perform assassinations;[1] although he also could not see within the mists, he was able to locate his targets based only on the sounds they made.[3] The mists can be created using water from the surroundings,[1] or users can create the mists themselves, which they exhale from their mouths.[2] If the mists are made thick enough, they can cancel out the enhanced vision of the Sharingan and Rinnegan.[3][2] In the anime, Byakugan users are able to see through the mists.[4] Sensors also can still find targets despite the lost visibility.[5]


  • In Naruto: Shippūden episode 15, Itachi Uchiha claims that the mist does not prevent him from using his Sharingan, contradicting both the manga and earlier anime scenes.

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