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Game Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive
Appears in Game
Sex Gender Female Female
  • Mushroom Collector
  • Princess

Himeno is a princess of a sick-bedded father that needed to be protected from shinobi bandits during the Swelling Mushroom Mission.


Himeno is a princess that is out looking for a mushroom called the "swelling mushroom". Later on, she wants to protect herself whenever fighting against shinobi bandits and wants to make herself stronger.


Himeno is a somewhat royal type of princess that is a daughter of a sick bed ridden daimyō. She has her protectors call her, Your Highness Himeno whenever speaking to her.


Himeno has fair skin, short-chin length light purple hair, and light purple eyes. She wears a traditional kimono consisting of a white-collared red shirt worn under a light pink-purple kimono lined with light pink sleeves with two light pink diamonds overlapping one another on each side of them with a yellow-golden outline overlaid with a dark red outline. Her kimono has two yellow-golden rods hanging on the back of them, and she has a yellow-golden hair pin on the left side of her head. On her feet, she wears traditional light purple Japanese geta.

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