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ヒルガ Hiruga
Anime Boruto Episode #160
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Hiruga (ヒルガ, Hiruga) was a shinobi from the Land of Haze.


Hiruga and his brothers were orphans who found a home in the Land of Haze's orphanage. Despite it being a smaller and impoverished country, they enjoyed having decent meals. They would also often spend their time playing under a large peach tree.


Like his brothers, Hiruga was an extremely committed man. He would willingly sacrifice himself for his brothers and his mission. At the same time, he was at time torn between his loyalty to his mission and his own family. This came from the hardships of his childhood. Appreciating what it was like to suffer in life, he treasured any small peace of joy he could have, and showed a noticeable animosity to those who had a comparably easy life, viewing them as spoiled.


Hellish Obliteration

Hiruga using Haze Ninja Art: Forbidden Technique: Hellish Obliteration.

Like his brothers, Hiruga excelled in Haze-style kinjutsu. His personal technique was a self-sacrificing restraining technique. With it he could produce a tar-like liquid that restrains all in the area and suck all that is near him into a dark abyss. For defensive purposes, the liquid also produces tendrils that prevents enemies from launching attacks on him. He had proficiency in Water Release, able to create water clones. He also carried a tantō, hinting at ability in kenjutsu.

New Era

Kara Actuation Arc

Hiruga and his brothers were given a mission to retrieve the cells of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju, which made its way into the black market in the Land of Silence. Using their female disguises, Hiruga and his brothers attempted to seduce Kirisaki to learn of the location of the cell. However, he lost interest when Boruto Uzumaki arrived himself taking the appearance of a woman.

Witnessing Boruto and his comrades taking away an unconscious Kirisaki, Hiruga and his brothers tracked them to learn that Sakuya had the cell in her possession. Before his passing after sacrificing himself to allow his brothers within the castle's barrier ninjutsu, Yoruga asked Asaka and Hiruga to promise him to leave his earring by the peace tree in their homeland. Hiruga took the appearance of a female servant to alert the butler of the intruders. After the butler saw Boruto as Sakuya's "killer", he alerted the castle of her murder, and afterwards was also killed by Asaka to frame Boruto for their deaths. Before their escape, Hiruga threw a glass bottle containing strong perfume at Boruto to make him easy to track for the village. Having successfully escaped the village, Hiruga and remaining his brothers mourned Yoruga.

While making their way back to their country, Asaka learned they were being followed, and in order for their mission to be a success, Yūga stayed behind to stall their pursuers. Hiruga and Asaka parted ways with Yūga as he stalled for success. Later to the remaining brother's dismay, it became clear that Yūga failed to stop the enemies. As his other brothers did, Hiruga gave his earring to Asaka to be hung under the orphanage's peach tree back home.

Upon facing the Konoha-nin, Hiruga used his special technique to detain them. As Boruto was shocked that Hiruga would so willingly sacrifice his life just to buy Asaka a little extra time, Hiruga angrily retorted that Boruto knows nothing of what it is like to suffer in a harsh land and that he will do what he must to help his land prosper. To Hiruga's surprise, Boruto willing approached Hiruga in an effort to cancel the technique to save his life. Suddenly, Omoi appeared. He noted that his allies were killed by another enemy who sought the Hashirama Cell and was on his way to the Land of Haze. Determined to save his brother, Higura cancelled his technique to go catch up with Asaka.

Upon seeing that his brother was indeed alive and proving who he truly was, he explained to Asaka the situation. As Hiruga agreed to call a truce between the Konoha-nin to face the new coming threat, he was killed by Deepa.

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