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歩々月 Hohozuki
Novel Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom
Appears in Novel
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Hohozuki (歩々月, Hohozuki) was a friend of Ameyuki.


Hohozuki was born in the same village as Ameyuki. Unlike all of the other villagers, Hohozuki did not hate Ameyuki and in fact was his only friend. One day slavers attacked their village and kidnapped the women and children - Hohozuki included. Ameyuki rescued them, using his Mud Release to kill the slavers. Rather than thank Ameyuki for his help, the villagers now feared Ameyuki and tried to kill him. When Hohozuki found out about this, he convinced Ameyuki to go to Shangri-la with him so that they could live without being bothered. Before they could leave, the villagers found out what they had planned and killed Hohozuki.

Ameyuki felt responsible for Hohozuki's death and wanted to die also, but lived on because it's what Hohozuki wanted. Believing Hohozuki was better than himself, Ameyuki used the Transformation technique to assume Hohozuki's identity.