The Hoshikage's hat.

The Hoshikage (星影, literally meaning: Star Shadow) is the leader of Hoshigakure. The title of Hoshikage is merely a formality within Hoshigakure as it is not recognised as a Kage by the Five Great Shinobi Countries, but Hoshigakure hopes to one day change that.


The First Hoshikage came to be when Hoshigakure was first found by him 200 years ago. It was from his appointment as "Hoshikage" that the village began using that title for their village heads, in the hopes that their village will one day be strong enough to be recognised as worthy as the villages of the Five Great Shinobi Countries.

The Third Hoshikage was killed by Akahoshi, and he became the Fourth Hoshikage for a short time. After the people of Hoshigakure discovered he killed the Third Hoshikage, he was defeated by Naruto Uzumaki and given to the proper authorities. His fate and the next Hoshikage are unknown.

List of Hoshikage

First Hoshikage

The First Hoshikage.

Main article: First Hoshikage He was the First Hoshikage (初代星影, Shodai Hoshikage, literally meaning: First or Founding Star Shadow), and founder of Hoshigakure.

Third Hoshikage

The Third Hoshikage.

Main article: Third Hoshikage He was the Third Hoshikage (三代目星影, Sandaime Hoshikage, literally meaning: Third Star Shadow) of Hoshigakure.

Fourth Hoshikage

Akahoshi, the self-proclaimed Fourth Hoshikage.

Main article: Akahoshi

Akahoshi is the self-proclaimed Fourth Hoshikage (四代目星影, Yondaime Hoshikage, literally meaning: Fourth Star Shadow), however, he was never officially appointed to office once he revealed that he killed the Third Hoshikage.


  • Sumaru aspires to become Hoshikage as much as Naruto wants to become Hokage.
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