This technique is a specialty of the Inuzuka clan. The Inuzuka and their ninken companion perform the Combination Transformation to take the shared form of a two-headed wolf. Because of the transformation's size, its strong claws, and its two sets of fangs, its standard attacks are quite powerful. This is especially true of any other jutsu performed while using this form, which are far more destructive than what the Inuzuka or the ninken are ordinarily capable of. These attacks and jutsu are most often performed against targets that have been cornered, fitting their wolf form.[1]


  • The full name of this technique is Inuzuka-Style: Human Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf (犬塚流・人獣混合変化・双頭狼, Inuzuka-Ryū: Jinjū Konbi Henge: Sōtōrō).
  • This technique is based on the Greek myth of Orthrus, a two-headed dog and brother of Cerberus.


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