"I Don't Care Any More" (どうでもいいんだよ, Dō Demo Īn da yo, Viz: It Doesn't Matter to Me) is chapter 607 of the original Naruto manga.


Upon hearing who the man claims to be, Yahiko declares him to either be a criminal or an idiot for using the legend's name. Nagato, on the other hand, is eager to meet someone who knows more about the Rinnegan, but before he can approach Obito and Zetsu, a wary Yahiko escorts him and Konan away, telling the masked man not to approach them again. Before they leave, however, Obito tells Nagato that he would reappear at the same time and place everyday until Nagato realised that his words were true. Some time later, Obito returns to Konohagakure clad in his flame-patterned mask, and heads to the Konoha Cemetery, where he watches on as Kakashi Hatake stands over Rin Nohara's grave. Eventually the young man leaves to visit the Memorial Stone, leaving flowers on her grave, and mentioning highly classified information, that their sensei's son would be born soon. Obito, spying on Kakashi from afar, approaches Rin's grave and angrily throws aside the flowers. Later, Obito subsequently utilises this information to his advantage, and when confronted by his former sensei, he remembers his first encounter with his team and then states that he no longer cared about this world. In present time, Naruto declares to Madara that he was Minato's son and would not be persuaded by him. Noting that he was being lenient because Naruto was a true jinchūriki, he declares that now, he would not hold back. Creating an enormous Wood Dragon, he notes that it had been used by Hashirama Senju in the past to bind the Nine-Tails, which prompts Naruto to manifest Kurama's body in Tailed Beast Mode to fight it. Kakashi asks Obito why he chose to follow someone like Madara, but the Uchiha notes that all that was left was for him and Kakashi to have their final fight as he had nothing left to say to him.