"I Had The Same Dream As You" (お前と同じ夢を見た, Omae to Onaji Yume o Mita, Viz: I Dreamt the Same Dream) is chapter 683 of the original Naruto manga.


Suddenly finding himself cut off from Sasuke, who was pulled into another one of Kaguya's alternate dimensions, Naruto quickly rushes over and tries to use brute strength to keep the portal open but to no avail. Meanwhile, the four Hokage arrive at the location where they last felt the powerful chakra, only to discover nothing but Madara's lower half. Discussing the situation, they confirm that the Infinite Tsukuyomi had been cast. Though it is suggested that they reincarnate the seemingly dead Madara, before they can come to a decision, however, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki manifests himself before them.

As the battle against Kaguya waged on, Black Zetsu declares Naruto's imminent defeat, but the airborne-ninja proves too elusive for Kaguya. Stepping completely into her dimensional void, the Rabbit Goddess causes the world itself to suddenly start attacking Naruto. Elsewhere, Obito regains consciousness and the team soon decides that they would lend their support to Naruto after hearing about the state of things. Meanwhile the real Naruto struggles against nature itself before Kaguya reveals herself once more. Noticing her ability was akin to Space–Time Ninjutsu, Obito hypothesised that he would be able to enter her dimension and retrieve Sasuke, but noted that the chakra required to achieve such a feat was immense and notes that the combination of Naruto's shadow clone and Sakura's chakra would be enough to accomplish the deed. When Naruto thanks Obito, he dismisses the praise of no longer wearing a mask and states, that as someone who once shared the same dream, he wanted to at least walk before Naruto — prepared to die.