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"I Love You" (大好きだ, Daisuki da, Viz: I Love You Guys) is chapter 689 of the original Naruto manga.


Wasting no time to leap into battle, Kakashi uses his Susanoo to create Kamui-based shuriken and negate Kaguya's chakra-absorbing beast arms. Kaguya finally regains control of her power and transforms, emerging from her beast form and creating a large Truth-Seeking Ball intent on erasing everything from her core dimension. Kakashi calls his former students to him and gives them details on what will most likely be their last mission as a team.

Their strategy finalised, Team Kakashi charge at Kaguya; the latter uses her All-Killing Ash Bones on them, but Naruto's shadow clones, and Kakashi's Kamui abilities render them ineffective. Kakashi lands a hit on Kaguya using his Kamui Lightning Cutter technique, sending her plummeting and incapacitating her right arm. As Naruto and Sasuke charge at her, Kaguya uses her left arm to fire a bone projectile at Naruto and opens a portal linking her right side and her severed arm as Black Zetsu uses Kaguya's severed arm to send another bone projectile at Sasuke. To their surprise, Sasuke turns out to be a transformed clone. As Black Zetsu prepares to fire another bone at the real Naruto, Kakashi intervenes and interrupts the attack with his own space–time technique. Sasuke uses his dōjutsu to swap places with Naruto's disentegrating clone out from behind a wall of shadow clones just as Kaguya regains the strength to evade the two by flying upwards. At that moment, Sakura — descending from above — sends Kaguya plummeting back towards her team-mates with a punch, allowing them to finally establish a physical connection to her. All the while, a reminiscent Kakashi comments on how well they worked together and cheerfully exclaims that he loves them as they are.


  • In the original publication of this chapter, Sasuke's Rinnegan was missing its tomoe on the last page. This was corrected in the tankōbon version.
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