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I Love You
(大好きだ, Daisuki da)
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Volume Info
Previous Naruto and the Sage of Six Paths…!!
Volume 71
Next Naruto Uzumaki!!
Pages 208
Release Date
Japanese November 04, 2014 (ISBN 978-4-08-880208-4)
English August 04, 2015 (ISBN 978-1-42-158176-7)
Third Kazekage
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I Love You (大好きだ, Daisuki da) is volume 71 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 680

"Once Again" (もう一度, Mō Ichido)

Plummeting to their death in the molten lava below, Sasuke summons Garuda who cushions his fall mid-air. Relieved that they had an escape plan, Naruto directs Sasuke to where Kakashi, Sakura and Obito where, quickly realising they're safe from impending doom. Thanks to Kakashi's own quick-thinking, he is able to fashion a rope out of a scroll and pins Obito to a wall using a kunai. Naruto questions Sasuke's complete disregard for his companions' well-being but Sasuke retorts that the two of them were the last hope for humanity. While agreeing with Sasuke, Naruto however notes that there were simply times when a person's body moved instinctively to protect someone.

Discontented with Naruto and Sasuke's survival, Kaguya uses her Byakugan to launch a pinpoint attack on her targets which is successful in damaging the hawk's wing despite Sasuke erecting a partially formed Susanoo defensive. Simultaneously, the heat from the lava burns through the scroll and the team end up in the same predicament once more only to be saved by Naruto and his new ability to fly and his chakra arms. Irked by this beyond measure, Kaguya launches a full on assault noting that chakra should be hers alone and she would once again unite all chakra. Meanwhile, the Hokage all move towards the epicentre of the new battle as Madara's Truth-Seeking Balls and chakra disrupting blades begin to disappear. Kaguya and Naruto proceed to go fist to fist with their chakra arms, before Naruto is buffeted by one of her attacks, leaving her open to an attack from Sasuke from overhead with his Susanoo.

Chapter 681

"Kaguya's Tears" (カグヤの涙, Kaguya no Namida)

Sent reeling from Kaguya's attack, Naruto finds himself spinning, unable to stop while Sasuke realises that not even his Susanoo was effective against her. Plummeting towards the lava below them once more, Sasuke was able to use his new technique to teleport to Naruto who used his Truth-Seeking Ball to create a foothold for Sasuke.

While the rest of the team retrieves Obito, at the same time Kaguya opens a portal and steps though it, appearing behind Naruto and Sasuke. Clutching their faces, the duo is rendered immobile as the stoic Kaguya begins to shed tears. Her will manifests and as Black Zetsu covers half of the duo, he explains that they reminded Kaguya of her own sons: Hamura and Hagoromo. As he absorbed their chakra, he regaled the story of how he came to be and his influence over the shinobi world throughout the years all in an effort to revive his "mother". Finally speaking, Kaguya voices her hatred for her sons and once again declares that all chakra was hers. Freeing themselves, Naruto and Sasuke agree that now more than ever it was imperative to seal her, and prepare to going into the offensive once more.

Chapter 682

"I'm Sure You Have Never Seen This" (見たことねーだろ, Mita Koto nē Daro)

Free from Kaguya and Black Zetsu, Naruto tells Sasuke that he plans to use a special technique that he was practising in secret, more so than the Rasengan, and could distract her long enough for them to use the sealing technique.

Meanwhile, as Naruto's clone, Kakashi and Sakura watch on from far away, Kakashi contemplates on the mechanics of Kaguya's power to shift dimensions almost instantaneously and Naruto uses his new power to revive Obito. Putting their plan into action, Sasuke uses Amaterasu to engulf Kaguya, as she merely brushes off the attack, Naruto jumps in front of her and uses his new technique, much to everyone's shock and bafflement. But, much to their surprise, Naruto managed to punch Kaguya and Sasuke uses his teleportation ability to transport himself and Naruto near her, but just as they were about to seal her, Kaguya encased all three of them inside a giant block of ice. With Kaguya now shifting everyone into a vast frozen mountainside, she escapes the ice and prepares to use Black Zetsu to once again drain Naruto and Sasuke's chakra. Kakashi, meanwhile theorises that Kaguya's power to shift dimensions works the same way as genjutsu, except it is reality. As Sasuke uses Kagutsuchi to free himself and Naruto from the ice, Black Zetsu recommends fighting them one at a time. Following his advice, Kaguya suddenly grabs Sasuke and throws him into a desert dimension.

Chapter 683

"I Had The Same Dream As You" (お前と同じ夢を見た, Omae to Onaji Yume o Mita)

Suddenly finding himself cut off from Sasuke, who was pulled into another one of Kaguya's alternate dimensions, Naruto quickly rushes over and tries to use brute strength to keep the portal open but to no avail. Meanwhile, the four Hokage arrive at the location where they last felt the powerful chakra, only to discover nothing but Madara's lower half. Discussing the situation, they confirm that the Infinite Tsukuyomi had been cast. Though it is suggested that they reincarnate the seemingly dead Madara, before they can come to a decision, however, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki manifests himself before them.

As the battle against Kaguya waged on, Black Zetsu declares Naruto's imminent defeat, but the airborne-ninja proves too elusive for Kaguya. Stepping completely into her dimensional void, the Rabbit Goddess causes the world itself to suddenly start attacking Naruto. Elsewhere, Obito regains consciousness and the team soon decides that they would lend their support to Naruto after hearing about the state of things. Meanwhile the real Naruto struggles against nature itself before Kaguya reveals herself once more. Noticing her ability was akin to Space–Time Ninjutsu, Obito hypothesised that he would be able to enter her dimension and retrieve Sasuke, but noted that the chakra required to achieve such a feat was immense and notes that the combination of Naruto's shadow clone and Sakura's chakra would be enough to accomplish the deed. When Naruto thanks Obito, he dismisses the praise of no longer wearing a mask and states, that as someone who once shared the same dream, he wanted to at least walk before Naruto — prepared to die.

Chapter 684

"We Should Kill Him First" (殺しておくべきだ, Koroshite Okubeki da)

Sakura realises that Obito was willing to die so easily because he was beyond saving but soon casts aside these thoughts when the Uchiha calls her, and Naruto's clone forth. Though Kaguya notes their presence, she pays little to no attention to them on the battlefield and instead opts to attack the real Naruto.

As Naruto contemplates his next course of action, he settles on a combination of diversionary tactics and taijutsu. Kokuō lends Naruto support with its steam-based ninjutsu bolstering Naruto's physical attacks to monstrous levels. Shocked that she was being pressured in her own dimension, Kaguya emerges from the rubble to find herself surrounded by a barrage of shadow clones. Assaulted from all sides, Kaguya is forced to retreat to another dimension — an opportunity which Naruto and Obito take to invade her dimension. Sensing the invaders, Black Zetsu advises his mother to kill Naruto rather than give him the opportunity to reunite with Sasuke and seal her. Though hesitant at first, she ultimately agrees with this advise and uses her All-Killing Ash Bones technique which strikes Naruto and begins to disintegrate his body. Believing that now the clones would be gone as well, she returns to her ice-clad dimension to find the clones still there much to her shock. Meanwhile, Obito and Sakura invade her main dimension, intent on finding Sasuke.

Chapter 685

"Everything I Have Got…!!" (ありったけの…!!, Arittake no…!!)

After successfully entering Kaguya's dimension, Sakura makes her intentions clear, before Naruto's disintegrating shadow clone disperses, causing the events to be relayed to him. With this, he charges forward intent on distracting Kaguya until his allies could retrieve Sasuke. Activating her Strength of a Hundred Seal, Sakura transfers her chakra to Obito wrapping the seals of her technique around his body as well, as the Uchiha uses his Kamui to breach Kaguya's other dimensions.

The feat itself takes a heavy toll on the duo and they are almost swallowed by a sea of acid from one dimension. Sakura however uses her body to shield them from the worst of it, discarding her damaged flak jacket in the process. Meanwhile Kaguya battles Naruto in her frozen dimension and decides not to use her Amenominaka ability in case more of what she thought to just be Naruto's clones breached her main dimension. Elsewhere, in the sand-dune dimension, Sasuke is able to make his way to the location where he felt Naruto's chakra strongly only moments before. Continuing with their toll-taking search for Sasuke, Sakura and Obito are finally able to open the dimension that Sasuke is trapped in. Calling out to him, the young Uchiha dashed towards them. With their strength wavering, however, the portal began closing; ultimately Sakura is able to pour more chakra into Obito to enlarge the closing portal once more. Their abilities at their limit, they thought their efforts had failed only to find Sasuke standing next to them. When questioned, he notes that he was able to get close enough to use his dōjutsu to swap places with Sakura's flak jacket.

Chapter 686

"Those Who Remain and Those Who Pass On" (残せし者と継ぎし者, Nokoseshi Mono to Tsugishi Mono)

Hagoromo's spirit informs the Hokage of the events that transpired after the Infinite Tsukuyomi was cast. He also informs them that due to Madara's lower half still containing Yang-Kurama's as well as both Indra's and Asura's chakras, they fully combined, resulting in his spirit finally emerging. Minato questions Hagoromo on a technique he told them earlier, but he said it would require a huge amount of chakra, which he does not have at the moment, having given Naruto and Sasuke his chakra earlier. Charging the Hokage before him, he asks them to listen and do what he asks.

Meanwhile, Kaguya fights against Naruto's shadow clones in an attempt to kill the real one. She fires two bones at him, but was stopped by two clones who protect the main body. As the clones disintegrate, more converge in one place forming a defensive liven between them, proving Black Zetsu's theory correct that the one with the Truth-Seeking Balls was the real one. While Kaguya fights the clones, Kakashi looks on, and begins to feel helpless. Just as he was starting to doubt himself, Naruto's words manage to shake him out of it. Obito, Sakura, and Sasuke soon arrive from the desert dimension but, just as Naruto was about to come to Sasuke, Kaguya suddenly grabs him with her hair and stabs him. Everyone looking in horror, Naruto began to wither away, but suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke, revealing it was yet another shadow clone. Irked by this, Kaguya concedes to the direness of the situation and once again shifts everyone to another dimension, this time, to a high gravity dimension, where all the clones fall out of the sky and start to disappear and everyone else is pinned down, including Kaguya. Kaguya then sprouts more bones, aiming them both at Naruto and Sasuke, who luckily dodged them thanks to the effect of the gravity. As Kaguya prepared to fire again, both Kakashi and Obito run towards them and prepare to die, as they do so, they see a vision of Rin and their younger selves holding hands. Both men were ready to sacrifice their lives, but just at the last moment, Obito uses Kamui to send the bone aiming at Kakashi away, while he sacrifices himself.

Chapter 687

"You Definitely Will" (お前は必ず, Omae wa Kanarazu)

Kakashi asks the crumbling Obito why he would sacrifice himself when he was still necessary in battle, but the silent Uchiha muses that Kakashi was the one needed to support the next generation, before telling his comrade to focus on the enemy. Kaguya decides to return to her first dimension while she replenishes her chakra, but when Naruto tries to use his abilities to save Obito, Black Zetsu launches a tirade not only about Naruto's futile efforts, but what he believes to be Obito's wasted life; and though Obito agrees to this, Zetsu's words do nothing but infuriate the touring Uzumaki.

Wasting no time when he realised that his dōjutsu's ability was useable once more, Sasuke launches an attack on Kaguya, forcing her to shift dimensions once more to narrowly escape the attack. Noting that this time he would be the distraction, Sasuke engages Kaguya giving her no time to relent as he dons his Complete Body — Susanoo and flies towards her. Obito uses this time to impart his final words to Kakashi and Naruto, thanking them for allowing him to remember who he used to be. After telling Naruto to become Hokage, Obito finally disintegrates into a pile of ash, leading Black Zetsu to comment that Obito was a cockroach for having last so long rather than a regular insect. Enraged at this point, Naruto declares that because he wanted to become Hokage at one point, Obito was an awesome person in his eyes, and proceeded to fly up to Kaguya at an extreme speed, severing her left arm with his own chakra arm. Meanwhile, in what appears to be the afterlife, Obito finds Rin and the two reconcile.

Chapter 688

"…of the Sharingan!!" (写輪眼の…!!, Sharingan no…!!)

Obito asks Rin to wait just a little bit longer, noting that he wanted to help Kakashi who was currently unable to contribute to the ongoing battle. Promising Rin to come back, Obito teleports into the core dimension, manifesting as chakra and inhabits Kakashi. Inside his consciousness, Obito explains that he had come back to give Kakashi an early present. Declaring that he told Naruto to become Hokage, he states that Kakashi should become the Sixth before him. Reminding his comrade of his moniker which was feared across nations, Kakashi opens his eyes and reveals that not only he is once again "Kakashi of the Sharingan", but also in both eyes.

Meanwhile, Black Zetsu is pinned down by two rods, and Sasuke is knocked back by Kaguya's chakra arms. Giving Kaguya no time to relent, Naruto draws on the power of all the tailed beasts and uses nine unique Rasenshuriken against Kaguya, resulting in a massive misshapen mass of the combined tailed beasts chakra pouring out of her body when she tries to transform. The mass begins pirouetting numerous arms, one of them absorbs one of Naruto's shadow clones. Seeing one of the arms go after Sakura who attempts to flee, Naruto tells Sasuke to use his dōjutsu to save her and sees Sakura being saved by Susanoo. To everyone's shock, it is revealed that it was Kakashi that was inside the Susanoo, declaring to Obito in his mind that he will protect their comrades and the world.

Chapter 689

"I Love You" (大好きだ, Daisuki da)

Wasting no time to leap into battle, Kakashi uses his Susanoo to create Kamui-based shuriken and negate Kaguya's chakra-absorbing beast arms. Kaguya finally regains control of her power and transforms, emerging from her beast form and creating a large Truth-Seeking Ball intent on erasing everything from her core dimension. Kakashi calls his former students to him and gives them details on what will most likely be their last mission as a team.

Their strategy finalised, Team Kakashi charge at Kaguya; the latter uses her All-Killing Ash Bones on them, but Naruto's shadow clones, and Kakashi's Kamui abilities render them ineffective. Kakashi lands a hit on Kaguya using his Kamui Lightning Cutter technique, sending her plummeting and incapacitating her right arm. As Naruto and Sasuke charge at her, Kaguya uses her left arm to fire a bone projectile at Naruto and opens a portal linking her right side and her severed arm as Black Zetsu uses Kaguya's severed arm to send another bone projectile at Sasuke. To their surprise, Sasuke turns out to be a transformed clone. As Black Zetsu prepares to fire another bone at the real Naruto, Kakashi intervenes and interrupts the attack with his own space–time technique. Sasuke uses his dōjutsu to swap places with Naruto's disentegrating clone out from behind a wall of shadow clones just as Kaguya regains the strength to evade the two by flying upwards. At that moment, Sakura — descending from above — sends Kaguya plummeting back towards her team-mates with a punch, allowing them to finally establish a physical connection to her. All the while, a reminiscent Kakashi comments on how well they worked together and cheerfully exclaims that he loves them as they are.

Chapter 690

"…of Ninja!!" (忍者の…!!, Ninja no…!!)

As Naruto and Sasuke finally make physical contact with Kaguya, the powerful fūinjutsu: Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei is finally activated, and just as her sons Hagoromo and Hamura had done before, her third eye is obscured by the moon and sun respectively leading to the tailed beasts being extracted from within her body.

Kaguya soon reverts to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path before ejecting Madara Uchiha's unconscious body as the earth begins to encase her body, forming another satellite. Silently watching on as his mother is sealed away once more, Black Zetsu resigns himself to the fact that he would have to bide his time and begin the process to revive his mother again, however, Naruto — who has other plans — finds Kaguya's severed arm, and after decrying Zetsu's sentiments that he created the shinobi world tells Black Zetsu that the shinobi history was actually created by the lives of shinobi who all lived and died before telling Black Zetsu that it is nothing more than a snot-nosed brat too afraid to leave his mother's side. Naruto then throws the disembodied arm into the Chibaku Tensei sphere. The tailed beast are all elated that they have been freed and while they praise Naruto, Team Kakashi soon finds themselves in another predicament: they had no way to escape Kaguya's dimension. Just then, they are all summoned to the real world, by Hagoromo who called on the spirits of all the deceased Kage and used their power along with the Hokage's to summon them out of Kaguya's dimension. Looking on at the team, Hagoromo thanks them sincerely for saving the world.

Author's Note

I'm getting quite rickety these days. I was brushing my teeth one morning and got a crick in my neck. Seriously...?!

Masashi Kishimoto, 2014

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