"I Will…!!" (私が…!!, Watashi ga…!!, Viz: I've Got to…!!) is chapter 50 of the original Naruto manga.


The pain from the application of the cursed seal causes Sasuke to lose consciousness. With Naruto similarly incapacitated, Sakura wonders what she is supposed to do. Elsewhere, Anko travels through the Forest of Death and locates Orochimaru. She attacks him and tries to kill him by sacrificing her own life, but stops at the last moment when she realises she was not attacking the real Orochimaru. He advises against so innocently using the techniques he taught her and tells her of his interest in Sasuke. He warns her against ending the exams prematurely before leaving, saying that to do so would not be in Konoha's best interests.


  • On the mirror Sakura is holding in the chapter cover there's written 一生愛の人生よ (Isshō ai no jinsei yo, Literally meaning: Always a life of love).
  • Konohanasakuya-hime, a goddess from the Shinto Myth, usually holds a cherry blossom in her left hand and a mirror in her right hand. In the chapter cover, Sakura is seen holding a brush with a cherry blossom symbol with her left hand and holding a mirror with her right hand.