"I Will Sleep" (眠るのは, Nemuru no Wa, Viz: Those Who Shall Sleep) is chapter 650 of the original Naruto manga.


As the five Kage, their various shinobi factions, along with Mifune and his samurai move out to destroy the Ten-Tails while in its tree form, Tobirama asks Minato to let him use the connection between him and Naruto's chakra to help the shinobi with the Flying Thunder God Technique by teleporting them out of harm's way. Meanwhile, Hiruzen asks Orochimaru if he is only going to watch the battle, to which Orochimaru replies that though he is not interested in the fight, he will still lend a hand because Obito's "dream" would mean the abandoning of his experiments. Orochimaru then attacks a part of the tree and declares that for a while, they will reminiscence of the time when they were student and teacher, as Hiruzen destroys the limbs with Enma's adamantine form. Elsewhere, Tsunade tells Sakura that they can summon nearly one tenth of Katsuyu's whole body from the Shikkotsu Forest to heal the forces if they use their seals together. Tsunade informs everyone of Katsuyu's arrival and their intentions via Ino and the shinobi stand on a dissolved Katsuyu in order to recover. All the while, Naruto and Sasuke are still fighting Obito, who easily evades all of their attacks with his new-found speed. This created a problem for the duo, though later, Naruto was able to sense Obito, while Sasuke tries to follow him with his Mangekyō Sharingan. Obito declares that it's almost time to sleep and fall into dreams, as the flower almost blooms. Kakashi, in Kamui's Dimension, thinks that Obito still has the Will of Fire, though it is overshadowed by his hatred, and now he is able to realise this Will after fighting Naruto. Back in the real world, Obito attacks Naruto and Sasuke, forcing them out of their Sage Tailed Beast Mode and cursed seal-enhanced complete Susanoo respectively. As Naruto begins to stand up, Obito chides Naruto while demanding to know why he still stood to fight. But Naruto tells him that he will not change, as never going back on his word is his nindō. Both Naruto and Sasuke go in their Tailed Beast Mode and Susanoo once again. Sasuke calls out to finish the battle for once and all, while Naruto says that he will sleep tomorrow and dream on his own as their two forms combine.

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