"I Won't Forgive You…!!" (許さねぇ…!!, Yurusanee…!!, Viz: No Forgiveness…!!) is chapter 158 of the original Naruto manga.


Tsunade refuses to become Hokage. Naruto does not care about her answer and suggests dragging her back to Konoha so that she can heal Kakashi and Sasuke. Tsunade observes to Jiraiya that Naruto is more obnoxious than the Fourth Hokage, his previous disciple. Tsunade goes on to say that the Fourth needlessly gave his life for the village. With the Third Hokage having now done the same, just as the First Hokage and Second Hokage did, Tsunade concludes that being Hokage is a joke. Naruto lashes out at her for insulting the previous Hokage. Tsunade agrees to fight him and, although he is out-classed, he continues trying to attack her. She asks why he cares, to which he responds being Hokage is his dream. Reminded of Dan and Nawaki, Tsunade is distracted, giving Naruto a chance to attack with his incomplete Rasengan.

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