Three Icha Icha novels.

Icha Icha (イチャイチャ, English TV: Make Out) is a series of adult novels written by Jiraiya after the commercial failure of The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi.[1] The Icha Icha novels are based on Jiraiya's experiences in love, particularly his rejections by Tsunade.[2] When he's working on a new novel, he gathers "research" by peeping on women while they bathe.[3] Icha Icha is wildly popular, giving Jiraiya's checkbook a balance that is "filled with zeroes".[4] Kakashi Hatake is a particular fan of the series; he enjoys reading the books even while in the middle of conversations.[5]

Known Books

  • Icha Icha Paradise (イチャイチャパラダイス, Icha Icha Paradaisu, English TV: Make-Out Paradise) is the first in the series, written in three parts. Its plot is summarised as: "The main character and heroine, both new to love, begin dating, and their eyes gradually open to grown-up love."[6] In Gaara Hiden, Gaara reads Paradise in an effort to learn more about relationships, but it only ends up making him more confused. Paradise eventually receives a film adaptation;[6] in Konoha Shinden, it was filmed in a town in the Land of Fire, near the border with the Land of Hot Water. When Mirai Sarutobi asks Might Guy what the film is about, he becomes uncomfortable and abruptly changes the subject.
  • Icha Icha Violence (イチャイチャバイオレンス, Icha Icha Baiorensu, English TV: Make-Out Violence) is the second book in the series. Ebisu enjoyed Violence more than Paradise, remarking that, "I have never seen the bonds between a man and a woman painted so stirringly."[6] In Naruto episode 101, Violence also receives a film adaptation.
  • Icha Icha Innocence (イチャイチャイノセンス, Icha Icha Inosensu) is the follow-up to Violence. When asked about it during an interview, Jiraiya says that he's still in the research phase of writing it, but that it will be about pure love.[6]
  • Icha Icha Tactics (イチャイチャタクティクス, Icha Icha Takutikusu, English TV: Make-Out Tactics) is the first book to be published after a three year hiatus. Naruto Uzumaki gives Kakashi an advance copy, which he describes as "totally boring". It also used as a weakness during the bell test Kakashi gives them; Jiraiya feels that Naruto is simply too young to appreciate it.[7] Prior to his death, Jiraiya uses Tactics as the key for a secret message about Pain's identity. In order to decode the message, Kakashi is forced to read passages aloud; Kakashi is embarrassed to do so, and Shikamaru Nara is embarrassed to listen.[8] In Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day, Kakashi encourages Sasuke Uchiha to imitate scenes from Tactics to help him become closer with his daughter, Sarada. Sasuke calls Sarada his "cute peanut", a pet name used by one of the book's characters, but she takes this as a sign that he's forgotten her name. Sasuke then tries putting his cloak on her, which, in Tactics, instantly causes girls to fall in love, but Sasuke's cloak is too big for Sarada and she becomes so embarrassed that she storms off. Afterwards, Kakashi observes that the book's depictions may no longer be current due to its age, and so they wouldn't work on somebody of Sarada's age.



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